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  • 6-29-98 : Mars talks with APATT!
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    Inquiring Minds

    HI EVERYBODY! It's MARS here, with our very first interview for our new section, Inquiring Minds! This month, we are talking with a recent legend, who has made a name for himself with GREAT pages such as the SM Zone and the Sailor Mars Zone! So let's have a BIG hand for APATT! *claps*

    MARS: It seems like your site was built pretty recently! With so many SM pages on the Web already, what made you want to create your own?

    APATT: Recently? hmm... the SM Zone was born early October 1997, it was a dark and stormy night... I dunno, it doesn't seem that recent to me! "Recent" is a relative term.
    I created my own NOT because most SM sites at the time were umm.... not particularly good ^^;;, there were and still are many good sites around, perhaps 10% of all SM pages? ... but I wanted to do it *my way*, put in things which I do not see on existing pages. You could say Frank Sinatra inspired me, but you'd be wrong, cuz I'm too young to know who Frank Sinatra is ^_-

    MARS: You have surely made what is currently one of the the most popular and high-quality Sailormoon pages!

    APATT: Really? wow! yeeha!

    MARS: *giggles* No, seriously! What factors do you think led to your site's popularity?

    APATT: Well, my visitors are very discerning you know ^_-. (apart from the ones that like to flame me anonymously in my much abused guestbook). But apart from that may be it's something to do with the way I update almost every day. The give-away stuff. Oh, and that I believe in balancing graphics with *words* Not enough people are making an effort to write original materials for their sites.

    MARS: A lot of people like your info because it's NOT all that statistical junk! What made you decide to present your info in the way that you did?

    APATT: Ummm... that's a toughie, there was no conscious decision to present it like that. It's like you, of all people, know how every great page has its own *character*, it's own "essence" or "ambience"? I just did what was natural for me to do.

    MARS: You give away a lot of free things on your site! How many E-mails do you get from people asking you to make pictures? ^^

    APATT: I take it you mean banners? See, I get requests to make background images, image maps, and even award icons but I have to turn them all down otherwise I'd have no time to do anything else! Uh, back to your question, I get ooooh.... about 10 to 20 award and banner requests a week... and I'm way behind! ^^;; Can I take this opportunity to apologize to frustrated applicants everywhere? I looks like I'll never catch up, please do re-apply if you want.
    I also get feedback via e-mail which is very nice, no e-mail flames so far.

    MARS: Can you share some of your tools and tips for making such beautiful images?

    APATT: I use Photoshop 4 with KPT filter to do everything. If you don't have Photoshop perhaps Paintshop Pro or Corel Photopaint or Micro$oft's Image Composer will do just as well, but I have never really used anything else so I don't know. I occasionally use Adobe Illustrator for text effects. Very seldom though because it's slow and a memory hog. If you have Photoshop you must learn how to use layers, work on many different layers to edit each bit of your graphic separately. Perhaps I will put some Photoshop tips in the Toolbox one day, but I don't know how many SM web masters have Photoshop, so I'm afraid it may be a waste of time.

    MARS: What's your favorite beverage? Turnons? Turnoffs? ^^ *giggles*

    APATT: Diet Coke! (even though it doesn't "work" for me ^^;;;)

    MARS: What are some Sailormoon pages that YOU admire right now? Maybe tell us a little about what makes them special?

    APATT: Gosh! there are quite a few! ALL the Kraiders' shrine pages, Psyber's Sailor Mars Shrine, Rowena's SM Cyber City, Lunar Dragon's ESH, Janelle's SM Gateway, TC's...[Saturn Shrine], Mara's PPP, Sailor Grub's [Reflections], Skeeter's [Evolution], Millenium IV, SMP,! I wish you didn't ask me that now, I'm sure I left out quite a lot of good ones! They are all linked at my winners page. I haven't included any galleries sites.. Bianca's, and several others, these are great in a different way from info based SM homepages.
    ALL these sites have their own "essence", they are made by intelligent, literate people, there is also a lot of passion in their work. Everybody should put as much of themselves into their pages as possible, you know, write from the heart, express yourselves. Your graphics may be ripped off left right and centre, but nobody can take your "essence" away from you.

    MARS: How do you feel about web page reviewers, like the Amazoness Quartet, the Needleleaves, or us?

    APATT: Well, the M Squad and the AQ have been really great for me, promotion wise. My hits really skyrocketed since I got yours and the AQ's award. I think it's great and I hope every SM webmasters who is reading this and has not received an award will strive for one. As for the Needleleaves, they have a very nice web site and I go there to read their stuff sometimes, but I believe they have a policy not to review sites already covered by the M Squad and/or the AQ, which means they never will review mine. So I guess I don't have quite the same affection for them as I have for yourselves and the AQ.

    MARS: Any other comments you would like to make before we wrap this up?

    APATT: YEAH! See, Sailormoon is really about friendship, unity, and love. So, why is there so much hatred in the SM internet community? All these people who have put up "hate sites" for the senshi/scouts they hate, why?? and they people who go around flaming others out of the blue via guestbooks and e-mails why?? Don't they understand *anything* about the show? There is much to learn from SM if you pay attention. I just wish people would be more tolerant.
    Finally, my thanks to everybody (except the flamers) who visited my site, especially those who sent feedback, you have made it all worthwhile.

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