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Updates in the "M" Squad

10/27/98 - Ummm, well, Michiru here and I'm kinda in an okay mood. I'll give you the good news first I guess. The good news: Reviews WILL be up for November! And the bad news... someone is leaving the Squad! I will not reveal who it is until we get a replacement! Also, please to not ask to be on the M Squad. Thank you.
9-18-98 - What's this!? Mako-chan actually making an update? Okay, I know we've been down for what seemed like ages, but I'm trying my best to cope up with everything else, so please bear with me for a while. Also, I've put up a new rant. A new interview will be coming soon, and we're also preparing to launch the other sections. Hopefully, we could get our whole review team back up and running in time.
8-06-98 - Konnichi wa... it's a rather sad Merc-chan. Over all of us going on vacation, we've been losing contact with eachother, especially Mars, who's our leader, and keeps us communicating to eachother. Well, I noticed we are WAY behind on our weekly rants, so I wrote a late one. I know I've already done one recently, but no one else will, and Mars hasn't replied to me, Michiru is taking a break doing anything M Squad (at least that's what she told me last time I talked to her) and I haven't heard from Mako, Mamo, and Minako. Guys, I hope it's okay that I've posted another rant, please don't be mad at me for doing so. We're also late on reviews! Also, farewell, it's my turn to go on vacation!
7/25/98 - MARS here with BIG NEWS! We have opened our web page tips section called We-bu-pee-ji! This has a LOT of tips to help EVERYONE make their pages better! We will add even MORE contents to it later but see what we have right now! You can find it in our Zine section. Look for NEW reviews and The Real M SOON!
7/23/98 - Mako-chan here! I've already uploaded a new rant for this week--that's 4 rants by the Squad all in all (hurrah)! Why not go and check it out?
7/15/98 - MARS again! We have not been doing very much work you can SEE, but we have been working BEHIND the scenes on our Page Help sections! Look for that by the end of THIS WEEK! We also have gone through 2 more rants since last update! One by me for LAST week, and one by Merc-chan that is up for THIS week. Be sure to read them! NOTABLE has been up for a while now too.
7/2/98 - MARS here today! The wait is OVER! Sort of! Site for GOOD, BAD, and UGLY are posted! Notable is coming in a day or two! Gomennasai, minna! Plus we have been working hard on our contents, and our NEW Magazine, which includes opinions from us, interviews, and a Toolbox FILLED with banners and backgrounds and things for you to use FREE! We will be adding even MORE than that soon, including mini-shrines for each of the "M" characters representing us, HTML Help, and Special Features! We hope you like the new designs we are using in the new format!
6/??/98 - Michiru here, well, we have finally finished fixing up the site. As you can see, most designs are much different, but some were kept basically the same. The squad has set up "M" is for Moon, a magazine that is yet to be finished. Leave messages on the message board if you want to see something featured here that you KNOW we don't have. Please come back from time to time to see if it is complete! Arigato minna!
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