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The Ugly

June 1998

Double Moon Homepage
Created by: Diana .... Discovered by: Makoto
Overall Rating:   1 pan
Makoto Really, this page could do so much better if only those wallpapers wouldn't clash so with her text. That goes for the other pages in this site as well. There are so many cluttered images and large fonts which makes me think my eyes are getting dimmer by the minute.
Michiru Big font, long loader, unwise choice of background, can't read the font, some broken images... etc. I'd say that this page is pretty good on content though. If the font was just a bit smaller, and the backgrounds lightened up or darkened, this page would look terrific!

Klee's Sailormoon Page
Created by: Klee .... Discovered by: Makoto
Overall Rating:   1.25 pans
Makoto There go those disappointing words again: Under Construction. The tables are a bit messy, since it was paired it up with those large fonts...and really--flashy-colored, ultra size, blinking text aren't necessary if you want the visitors to click on some link! Images are cluttered everywhere, too. This page looks kinda abandoned to me...which is unfortunate, 'cuz I know the creator can do something much better! It's been up since 1996...surely the creator have picked up a lot of html techniques by now...
Michiru Not bad, really. The creator just might want to split up the info onto different pages and not use too many animated gifs (they tend to get kinda annoying for people.) This page is a long loader, but it's actually pretty nice. Nice use of doujinji pictures too!

Ai No Senshi Page
Created by: Manja and Nicole .... Discovered by: Mercury
Overall Rating:   1.75 pans
Makoto Aaaargh! Another page with a cluttered layout and those hard to read text! AGAIN! Please do not use backgrounds that strongly clash with the colors of your text lest you want your visitors to leave with a headache. And please don't announce such personal matters in your main page. Also, I strongly advice to lessen the ego 'cuz I know a lot of people can get easily ticked off with such attitude. This page actually has a lot of potential and is creative in many ways. They have so many neat images they can put to good use! If only the creators would make use of their fine resources and all those graphics, their site would be so well-off!
Michiru Well, when Mercury gave me the URL to this page, I traveled to it and I was shocked. This page uses an old background on a former ugly page! One, that I helped lighten later! It is almost impossible to read the text on the index page. Most of the pictures are origninally huge, but were resized. When you resize a picture without doing it in a image editor... it doesn't make it any smaller in size! Anywayz, if it were just a little nicer... it wouldn't be too bad.
(Mako/Michi - I hope you don't mind if I add some things that made me giggle when I visited this page! I think that they should know the exact attributes of that transparent gif of the Minako/Rei picture, because it looks really funny. AND is that a sponsorship banner I see at the bottom of the page? Aren't sponsorship banners forbidden on Geocities pages? Ah my! And making a profit off of a FREE homepage program - AND Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, one of the MOST POPULAR Anime series copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi and Toei animation! Tsk, tsk, tsk...

This page created by:
Makoto and Michiru

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