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Since we're here to help others improve their Sailor Moon sites, we're also checking up on the pages we've reviewed don't go thinking that we're just being spiteful, because we *are* doing some good to the SM Community! One of us will tell you about the sites we've visited, and tell you the good things that have happened since the review.

A Universe for SailorMoon (Fans)!

I love the new look! Miller Sven was very nice about the review and took all of my comments into consideration. The new layout is so much better than the old one and the text and backgrounds look great! I still see a small problem with the "make-up" names for the animated GIFs, but I don't think that would affect much. The page looks much neater... great job and keep up the good work!

Master J's Sailor Moon Super Page

I decided that it WAS my duty to re-check this page, since I had THE BIGGEST problem with it. It actually looks OK now! He took out most of the ego-boasting things I mentioned, and he changed the backgrounds to a kawaii fan art drawing which makes the text LOTS easier to read. Oh, and I ALSO saw that even though those 5 animated gifs are still there, they're now coming from his server, and not the SOS page. So I will say GOOD JOB!!! The changes might seem small but they made SO MUCH DIFFERENCE!

Reeny's Place

Here's a little Success Story here! The first thing I noticed was that the top frame that contained the banner ad was gone! And I also noticed that the reference to Sailormoon S that Mars mentioned was gone too! The pics in the image gallery still need to be thumnailed, but the page is already coming along! Good job!

Sailor Central

Well, it's my turn to do a Success Story, even if it's not as substantial as some of the other ones. Our main issue for choosing this site as Bad was because of an image which was stolen from another page, despite requests from the creator of the image that it not be used without her permission. Since then, the stolen image has been removed from Sailor Central. Also, per Mars' comment, a prize was added to the site's contest. While the other content hasn't changed too drastically, the changes the webmaster has made so far is defintely a start, and definitely worth mention here. Victory (once again) for the "M" Squad!

Joyce Tse's Sailor Moon Page

OK...after all the yelling and aggravation, I took Mamoru's advice and visited this site again. (Kinda grudgingly, though, I have to say) I was happy to see that the list of reasons why Sailor Mars is bad was...REMOVED!! Instead, there's a normal info and stats page. YAY!! I also read the info in the other Senshi Shrine Rooms...they are MUCH easier to read and understand than before, even if they don't go into as many details. It's a HUGE improvement on content, so I think this is a nice success story! I'm SO happy to tell about it, 'cuz the Web sure doesn't need another Rei hate page!

Sailor Mars' Ultimate Sailor Moon Page

This is a Success Story that I am very happy about...Sheraye was very nice about the review, and she made some changes almost immediately! Now it loads much faster than before, and everything looks very neat, and well-organized! A definite improvement already! We also worked with her on making an imagemap of the senshi picture links...and now it's up and working, and we have a happy webmistress on our hands! (She says it works great!) Thanks for all your time and effort, Sheraye!

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