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    If you've been around this site, then you've probably seen some little icons on the pages by now, some in the shape of a pan, other as stars. But what are they for? It's our little rating system, to show how we feel about the level of quality (or crappiness as the case may be) of the sites we've evaluated and posted here.

    We realized when coming up with the ideas and format for this site that the pages we picked wouldn't all kick butt or suck at exatly the same level. And, for that matter, the three of us might not even agree on how good or bad or ugly the site is! So, we have created the Stars and Pans rating system.

    Our Stars and Pans rating system is similar to that of movie reviewers. You know how they give 4 stars to a good movie, and 1 1/2 or 2 stars to a not-so-good movie? We do the same thing, however the Stars are used exclusively to rate how good a page is, while the pans are used to rate how bad or ugly a page is, and we rate on a scale of 3, so the most stars or pans a site could get is three (3).

    Keep in mind that this is only to show a division between the good sites and the excellent sites, and so on. So even if there's a low number of stars for a site on our Good page, it's STILL a GOOD page! It's just not as good as some of the other Good pages we might have evaluated. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't visit it!

    The same goes for the Pans. If it's listed as an Ugly or Bad site, then it still counts as Ugly or Bad, nor matter how many Pans we give it. The three-Pan sites should definitely be avoided, and while we don't RECOMMEND one-Pan or half-Pan sites, they aren't as bad as a three-Pan page.

    We hope our rating system can help you separate the good from the great, and the sort-of-bad from the really bad. As always, any comments can be beamed to us.
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