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We always take nominations, for any category! But we have some guidelines for nominations:
  • Self-nominations CAN NOT be nominated for a specific category! You can suggest which category your page should be used under, but we reserve the right to our own opinion. 
  • Click the link of your choice below to nominate a page:

    [ Good | Bad | Ugly | Self-nomination | Notable ]

Help Requests

These should be kepts separate from the reviews. If you want your site reviewed, then see the above guidelines for nominations. If you want help with your page and DO NOT want it to be used in a review, then put "HELP" somewhere in the subject line of the message, or click this link.

Banners, Comments, and Flames

  • If you have made a banner for us, send it as a file attatchment to with the subject "Banner."
  • If you're sending comments to us, whether they be good or bad, then please put "COMMENTS" somewhere in the subject line or click here.
  • If you feel inclined to send a flame, then remember that it may be posted on our flames page and ridiculed. ^^ Proceed with caution when flaming.

Other mail...

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