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June 1998

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Senshi Battle Zone
Created by: Sailor Callisto & Makoto-chan.... Discovered by: Makoto-chan (NOT OUR Mako!)
Mars I CAN'T believe I JUST found this page! It is TRUE that there are many pages around that involve "battle," but Senshi Battle Zone is the ORIGINAL fighting arena that is COMPLETELY for Sailormoon characters! This page is BETTER than the other battle sites I have seen, because you don't JUST vote and see results! With the results you get to read an entertaining and CRAZY broadcast of the action, narrated by Callisto and Makoto-chan! (Makoto-chan REALLY nominated Sailor Callisto's MAIN site to us but we found BZ because of HER nomination, so SHE gets credited.) I could spend HOURS reading about the past battles because they are FUNNY, and when you VOTE, you may even get the small thrill of having YOUR comments posted WITH the battle scene!If you are looking for a site that is FUN and WACKY in humor and blows up a LOT of hot dog stands, then you have FOUND it with Senshi Battle Zone!

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