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As you probably noticed if you read our little intro, The M Squad is not just here to criticize Sailor Moon sites...we also want to HELP you guys! We know that your pages won't always be perfect...I mean, NOBODY is, right? But we want to help Sailor Moon sites by getting them a little CLOSER to perfection!

The three of us knew coming into this project that while SOME people might just send us brain-dead flames, that others would truly be interested in making their sites better, so we are officially offering our services to you, free of charge. We will do just about ANYTHING you need! Like proofreading a page, helping you with techie stuff like HTML, or maybe even making an image for you, if you think that's what you need. But there ARE limits to what we can do. Here's a few things you SHOULDN'T expect from us:
  • We are NOT going to write your whole page for you! We'll give you tips on specific things, or look your pages over and make suggestions, but we DON'T have time to make sites for everyone, whether we want to or not!
  • We WON'T do your research for you! If you ask us to proofread your page, then we'll do that, and tell you about the mistakes you might have made in your information, but we AREN'T going to do things like tell you the WHOLE story of Sailor Moon, or give you a line-by-line dialogue of an episode... we will be using what we already know, so we'll correct you on details, but the major blocks of info is up to you.
  • We AREN'T going to help you if you flame us! We WOULD like a little respect from those who come to us for help, so if you send us a flame and then decide you want our help after all, then you'd better have a DARN good apology ready.
Anyway, if you want our help, all you have to do is CONTACT US! Just give us your URL and E-mail and tell us what kind of help you want, and one of us will get back to you ASAP. And you DON'T have to be a page that we have reviewed...we'll help anybody we can!

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