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The Good

June 1998

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Sailormoon Planet
Created by: Jared Henderson .... Discovered by: Mercury
Overall Rating: 2.75 stars
I've admired this site for a long time (as in before I've even joined the M Squad) I find the design extremely beautiful and the graphics designed so lovely. It's very easy to navigate - those are very nice frames. All information seems correct. The character profiles are very organized, at my last visit the seasons were missing, but that's ok. The image galleries are also organized, and now I've even replaced my normal cursor and startup/shutdown screens from the download section with Sailormoon related ones! Eventhough gets slightly slow, the pages still load incredibly quickly! A very wonderful site to visit!
Mars We have taken WAY too long to put this site up here! The Sailormoon Planet is a REALLY awesome combo page! I LOVE the layout of the index, it is SO different from other pages! And the frames are used VERY well too! The graphics are SO PRETTY, and the information that Jared has is good in detail. I was SO impressed with the attack descriptions Jared wrote! SO MUCH DETAIL! My only complaint is maybe more original contents? If he can design this site so well, I want to see MORE!

The Sailormercury Shrine of Water
Created by: Rowena Lim .... Discovered by: Mercury
Overall Rating:   2 stars
Mercury Ah my... this is such a GREAT SAILORMERCURY SHRINE! (Now I'm starting to talk like Mars...) The design and graphics are beautiful, and not only that there is so much detail people don't notice about Mercury! Everything written here about Ami/Mercury is worth reading about, and looking at, such as the part that compares the different anime artists showing that Mercury can sometimes be shown a little ugly or pretty. And some people just seem to dislike Ami because she has short hair ^_^; I love this shrine - infact it's even linked from my mini-shrine ^_^; There seem to be many Mercury shrines, but not many are as detailed as this!
Mars This is a REALLY good Sailormercury shrine going by information! This shrine has VERY detailed info about Ami-chan, even a description of her FASHION tastes! I like the special section she made for "Ami-chan no hatsukoi," the mini-movie about Ami-chan. It even has pictures to go with the description! AND it has some card scans and downloads to play with. I like the images here too, and the layout of the pages is nice, but I had to scroll sideways A LOT because my screen resolution is only 640 by 480. :( But a good effort in ALL areas!

Fire Senshi's Realm
Created by: Naomi .... Discovered by: Apatt and Mars
Overall Rating:   2.25 stars
Mercury Wow... graphics and design are defenitely the best. "A Profile" page is really really well written! Yeah, like the Mercury shrine it also has a resolution problem (poor Mars!) but I have 800x600 screen resolution, so it looks fine for me! I think that some parts should be set with a font face (people starting to frown at me and saying... shut up Merc-chan...) but it's really unnecessary because I enjoyed this site the way it was designed anyways, and because other parts do have the font set... What I enjoyed most must have been the "Features on Sailormars!" It really explains a lot - like the hate problem people had with Mars!
Mars This is one of my FAVORITE pages, another one that should have been listed here a LONG time ago! What DOESN'T this site tell you about Rei-chan??? This site talks about everything! It tells about Rei, her psychic powers, her LOVE LIFE in Anime AND Manga, and it even has special features about important events in her life! I totally LOVE the manga pictures she uses on the site too, they are such pretty reflections of Rei! Like with the Sailormercury shrine above, I had problems with sideways scrolling, but it wasn't TOO bad. I think that you will be too busy reading all the GREAT information to notice that much! ^^

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