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Well, the inevitable has occurred, and we have received a few flames! Naturally we had to comment as it is our civic duty to make sure you guys understand what we're doing here. Perhaps it's still a little foggy for you. Well, let the games begin! Newest flames are near the top!

I'm so angry at you!You didn't tell me where to register my site!I'm driving on HIGHWAY 40 in my big old pick up truck!I'm driving on HIGHWAY 40 in my big old pick up truck!You stupid,smellin buffilo wing nutz,I belong to Tripod.I'm a Tripod member,and you are toast!
--Jeremy "Sailor Blue" Riley

Makoto You know, I suspect that this person is a disgruntled page owner, but to be quite honest, I have no idea who this person is! Some people have a lot of time on their hands. And I'm not toast, for your information, sir. I'm more squishy, like bread! (rrr, bad puns!! Sorry) By the way it's B-U-F-F-A-L-O! Take it from a former district spelling champion!
Mamoru I have little to say to this particular "flame." But I have to know, what does driving around in a big pick-up truck have to do with being angry at us? I rather enjoy driving, and I only wish I had my own "big old pick up truck" to drive around in. Congrats on having a useless flame that makes no sense unless you live at the local giggle academy.
Mars I REALLY want to know what this guy does in his spare time. Stuff like THIS, probably! Y'know, there ARE better things to do on the Internet than writing TOTALLY RANDOM messages to TOTAL STRANGERS. I don't know WHAT this guy is on, but it must be GOOD stuff! Maybe terrorizing his mother lost its spark?

Anyway...NEXT FLAME! This is a more intelligent one!
I'm sorry to say, but I'm kinda MAD at WHAT you guys are doing. Before you CRITIZE OTHERS, look at your SITE. Your page isn't really the BEST in the WORLD. I mean, yes, there are BAD PAGES, even ones that deserve to be called "crappy" but when you start making fun of newbie pages, that another thing.
MOST of the pages you critize are newbie pages. I mean, GIVE THEM credit for TRYING, OK? Do you want them to take their page off the NET because of a bunch of people who are insulting them? Its degrading and it lowers there self-esteem. YOur page isn't the best either. A bunch of my friends saw your page and hated the pictures you had there. It's VERY UGLY and DOTTY looking.
Anyways, WHAT I'm trying to say is . . . BEFORE CRITIZING OTHER PEOPLES PAGES . . . try to figure out HOW LONG the PAGE has been on the net. If the page has been on the net for a YEAR and it still looks like crap, then fine, it deserves to be in the CRAPPY list. But, don't critize newbies.
Makoto OK, I have several points to make on this little flame:
1. We NEVER said we had the best page in the world! Our page is here to inform, and that's it! We're going for content more than anything else here, and trying to turn the proverbial tables by sending a whole bunch of your buddies after us is pointless. We're still going to do our jobs.
2. Sure, it might be a little degrading! But it's also degrading for every Sailor Moon fan out there when they have to look at pages that are just plain BAD! As we say on the front page, lousy sites with wrong information don't do us any good. Do you think we should just leave these people totally ignorant to what's wrong with their site? Because letting them go on being ignorant doesn't do THEM any good either.
3. Part of the reason we offer our services to help SM page owners is to help them make their sites even better, so they'll really have something they can be proud of! Wouldn't you feel better seeing your counter going up by 100 in one day instead of by 10? When the creators of these web pages know that they have managed to create something of true quality, that is fun, useful, AND entertaining, then the sense of accomplishment that comes with that FAR outweighs any degradation that comes from us.
4. I think all three of us know what it's like to be new to the 'Net. BUT, there are some things that are inexcusable, whether you're a "newbie" or not! Things like plagiarism and hate and swearing shouldn't be happening on ANY Sailor Moon page, whether it's still developing or not. If we're going to be good Sailor Moon fans, then we should follow the example SM sets for us! We'll all be better people that way.
Mamoru Well, we expected to become pariahs in the eyes of some people, but think yourself about what you're saying before you ask us to think about it. You seem to think that all the sites we've posted are "newbie" sites. Well, I'll use our pages this month as an example: We listed a frames site as an Ugly page. Anyone who knows how to program in frames can probably figure out how to make a few measly thumbnails and get rid of an extra frame. And I think that a page that has been around long enough to get over 20000 hits hardly qualifies as a "newbie" page. This is not rocket science we are asking of people, we're just pointing out the obvious. And one of our Bad sites is an out-and-out plagiarizer, and that's a pretty serious offense! SM fans deserve to know when someone has done something wrong. And if an individual doesn't know enough about the topic to tell about it correctly, then they shouldn't post the site in the first place. Period.
Mars Well, FIRST of all, do we EVER claim to be the best SM page on ANY part of this site? NO! And I know that I ALSO don't have the hardware to make fancy-looking pictures like some of your little friends might. But hardware ISN'T an issue with the pages we make note of. MANY of the problems we point out are VERY EASY to fix, and don't require any special gadgets or gizmos. The point of this site is to IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF SAILOR MOON SITES! Let's face it, SM sites have really dropped into the dregs recently, and it makes us all look bad! And I'm sure YOU have been to your share of USELESS sites too. Wouldn't it be better for all of us if the useless pages with WRONG INFO were fixed up and corrected? I THINK SO!

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