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Our Editors

Did you just download one of the browsers that you have seen others make beautiful images with, and are you stumped because you can't figure out how to do anything with it? Of course WE all use our own graphics editors, so we will give you a few hints on our favorite editors to get you started!

  • Mercury - Picture Publisher - Micrografx - I've used Picture Publisher to on the mini-Mercury shrine. My major tip is to use the mask tool to select everything, and to try all of the special effects. Also, adjusting an object's transparency over another one makes it look more interesting. (But always remember to remove the mask...)

  • Mars - Paint Shop Pro 3 - Jasc - This is a GOOD editor if you have an OLDER version of Windows! I used it to make the Mars Mini-shrine and a LOT of the pages here and in the rest of "M" is for Moon. To use this just keep it SIMPLE and don't try to go TOO crazy! Keep the graphics CLEAN looking and try ALL the filters! You can do a LOT more than you think if you get CREATIVE!

  • Makoto - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe - [tips]

  • Michiru - Adobe Photoshop, like Mako-chan. Photoshop costs a fortune, but if you can afford it there are many things that you can do with it. In fact, you need a book to learn! Another favorite of mine is Paint Shop Pro 5, by JASC. Most graphics that I have made on the "M" Squad pages are done by PSP 4.14, but could have been more easily done of PSP 5. For example, I spent about 20 minutes on the logo on the front page, but with PSP 5's new layers it could have taken me 5 minutes! If you are to create graphics with these, always use layers to your advantage as well as all of the great filters and hidden tools!

  • Minako - ULead Media Studio Pro Image Editor - ULead - This image editor is part of a package called ULead Media Studio Pro; I have the Win 3.11 version, but it works fine in Windows 95 too. The image editor is good for enhancing graphics, putting text on them, blurring and sharpening, or making special effects, like washing a graphic in one color for interesting background images. The one major problem with the image editor is that is has no real drawing tools; it is better in general for playing with images than anything else. The package also comes with a video capture, a morphing program, and an audio editor. It's a good package to make lots of things for your webpage, not just graphics. My "tip" is to save more than one copy of the graphic you want to work with and play with the special effects until you get something you like. Just play and have fun!

  • Mamoru - [add your tips HERE]

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