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GOOD Sites!
Our good sites are meant to be the best ones the Sailor Moon community has to offer, and we want everyone to visit these sites, for they truly are examples of quality SM sites. We also have several ideals that we think a good page should have. This includes, but is not resrticted to the following:
  • Original content, something that people want to see
    This is important to a site, because there are so many Sailor Moon sites on the web these days that it's hard to be original! So if you can actually come up with something new and different, it sets your site apart from the other ones.
  • A good format, with good page layouts
    Not only do you need content, but you need it to look nice too! It also needs to load in a timely manner, because we don't all have hours and hours to spend waiting for sites to load. A page should be well-organized, and make links to different areas easy to find, while also creating variety for the viewer with *small* pics and things.
  • CORRECT information!
    This is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL! Even with original content and a nice format, there is still the main idea that people who come to a Sailor Moon site will want to learn more about it and its characters. If your information is wrong, then it kind of blows the other details out of the water.

BAD Sites...
Our Bad Sites are what we consider to be some of the worst on the Web, not only due to bad HTML and layout, but also because of bad content and information. By noting them as bad sites, we're trying to discourage people from visiting these sites, because we believe they aren't worth your time. (We know you probably will anyway, but at least THIS way you know what you're getting into when you go! ^^) Here's some points that would make a site fit into the BAD category:
  • WRONG or sketchy information
    As SM fans, we all want to tell people about the coolness of Sailor Moon, but how are we going to encourage more fans if we don't inform people correctly? It reflects badly on all of us when others post wrong information, or confusing info with a lot of gaps because they are either know too little about the show or are too lazy to confirm the details they don't know.
  • Same old boring text and content as everywhere else
    There are so many SM pages out there, but what would be the point of them all if they all say exactly the same thing? We are particularly against those who copy text directly from another page and post it as their own, without any credits or links to, or permission from, the original author. It's called plagiarism, and it's not exactly legal either!
  • Bad page design and slow loading time
    If a page looks bad, then it suggests bad content as well, even if the content might actually be good! A disorganized or just plain annoying page format would discourage people from the start. More details about poor design are given under the Ugly explanation.
  • Swearing and hate pages against certain characters
    Sailor Moon stands against hate and encourages love and justice, so be believe the fans should also! We find a lot of hate pages, particularly about Ami, Rei, and Chibi-Usa, and while everyone *is* entitled to their own opinion, there's no need to swear or name-call, or broadcast bad feelings to everyone else.

Ugly Sites
Ugly sites are a slightly fuzzier division...the sites that we give the Ugly classification to are NOT of the same low-quality that the Bad sites are. We TRY to pick sites for this category that have potential to be GOOD sites, but don't make it because of poorly-done page design. Here are some examples of common design flaws:
  • Badly placed, poorly sized, or broken images
    Images are important to a site, because they add a variety and polish to sites that you just can't get with text! However, it's easy to make mistakes with images. Putting them in bad spots, using images that are just too big, or having broken images really detract from the look of a site. That, and don't use a whole bunch of animated .gif files either. While they're neat and fun, less is more in this case.
  • Tons of H-U-G-E or blinking text
    There's a lot of cute little text tricks you can use on your site, but you don't have to plaster them all over the page! If you want people to read your content, then make it easy for them! Don't use a lot of blinking text, and make it a readable size! This means a small text size for large text blocks. Save the bigger font sizes for titles and headers.
  • A bunch of little annoying Javascript things
    Yes, Javascript can be fun and amusing, but, as with the animated .gifs, there is a limit to how much is actually practical! Just one or two little tricks is plenty, don't max out on everything. And if you're going to use frames, do them well, and avoid making useless frames just for title banners or other things. We want to maximize the main viewing space, after all! Two of THE MOST annoying Javascripts are those little scrolling messages in the status bar, and those alert boxes that pop up and ask for your name. These in particular have been done a MILLION times, and they are REALLY annoying.
  • Embedded MIDI files
    This is kind of a personal complaint, because we DON'T like embedded MIDI files that give us error messages or blow out our eardrums with too high of volume. But the Amazoness Quartet and the Needleleaves don't like them either, and a LOT of people don't want to have to deal with embedded MIDIs when they look at a page, so BE CAREFUL with these!
  • An excessively long-scrolling page
    Pages that take forever to load, and scroll through, are really quite annoying to the viewer. Find a logical way to divide up the content, so we don't have to wait as long to see the page!

Being chosen as a Notable page is another fuzzy division. There are some pages out there that might not be very fancy or aren't the most detailed, or might even be a little controversial! But the pages we choose as Notable are pages that, for one reason or another, we think deserve some mention. This category is not rated, and it is separate from the Good, Bad, and Ugly designations, but it's still an honor!

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