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Good Mail!

Hey, we're doing a GOOD thing here! How can we prove it? YOUR COMMENTS show it! Some people have been nice enough to TELL us how good we are! Read on...

Skeeter made a banner for us! And she also sent some comments! They're old and moldy but that's OK!

I can't believe you picked my Jupiter Shrine as Good! I REALLY appreciate it! I have to say that you all are really smart people, and not just because you picked my page! ^_^ You're bold enough to tell people what's wrong with their pages, but nice enough to help them out with the problems. I really think that's a great service for everyone. Good job!

We knew that people NEEDED to know what they needed to do to make their pages better, but we also knew that some people wouldn't know WHERE to start! Thanks for the nice compliments, Skeeter, and DON'T be so surprised, we ONLY give awards to people who DESERVE it! ^^

Here's a nice letter from Ben Goodger!

I think your concept is a noble cause. I always found the original TWSMWPE amusing, and now with your page and The Needleleaf Society, I can have three times as much "fun" each month! I've always grumbled about a lot of SM webpages, but only a few actually get up and say something about it!

Right on, Ben! Thanks for your support! We're glad that you're enjoying the page. And even though the Amazonesses were the first, each group has a different viewpoint! We have just as much fun making it as you do viewing it.

Here's an excerpt from a letter sent by Cere Cere of *gasp!* The Amazoness Quartet!

...So we can hopefully stop getting emails from people wanting us "to take you out," and we don't want to do that. Cause the more pages like this that are out there the easlier we can ALL get rid of those bad SM pages.
Thanks, and don't get discouraged by any of those flames. ^_- Keep up the fight!

Thanks to the Amazonesses for their support and comments! And thanks for NOT "taking us out". ^_^

Here's a letter from one of our nominees for BAD page!

Thank you very much for your opinions. You may have had people send e-mails back at you with flames, and insults, but I try and think of all criticism as constructive. I have not had a lot of time to work on my page recently, but I have been trying to find time. I have a few plans as to how to make my page better and I hope I can work on this soon.
Thanks for your opinions, - MoonGoddessofMagic

I posted this cuz this person has a REALLY GOOD attitude about the review! You guys should all remember that this page contains OUR opinions, and we're just trying to help!

Here's Puu-chan, another smart and sassy individual, who wrote to us after being chosen as an Ugly page!

Well, It's no doubt that I was very angry and upset when I first got your Email about my webpage being "ugly." I mean, hey, i've been working on it for a whole year. I don't know, it just came as a shocker to me. But, I looked at your webpage and the review you did for my page and took a look at what your goal as page critiquers are. And then I thought about it and I realized you guys are doing this for the good of Sailor Moon!! So, I would be honored if you guys would help me with my page!

Puu-chan, you're getting to be a good one already! You understand our cause perfectly! We realize that some people might be a little shocked or angry upon hearing about our review, but just remember that we're not doing it as a personal jab at the creator! Keep things in perspective, and you'll improve that much more.

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