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The Bad

June 1998

RanmaMoon RPG
Created by: "Ranma" .... Discovered by: Minako
Overall Rating: 3 Pans
Minako Okay, we usually don't target fan groups and clubs, but this makes me sick. This page is a blatent rip off of one of the more well-established e-mail based Sailor Moon RPGs on the web. Not just taking the concept of an RPG, this page steals the layout and rules almost word for word. I compared the two pages of rules; although the RanmaMoon RPG had less rules, the ones they have are almost word for word copies of those on the other RPG's page. Come on now, if you're going to be creative enough to role play, you can be at least creative enough to write up your own webpage, and not steal someone else's!
Mamoru Ah, a Sailor Moon RPG. Not exactly a new idea. In fact there are several listed on the Anime Web Turnpike. In fact... with the exception of changing a FEW words to include characters from Ranma in the game, this page is a DIRECT COPY of another of them. To me, ripping off something that Bandai did is one thing, ripping from other fans is low, and evil.
Beyond the fact that the page is totally plagiarized from another, the layout isn't that imaginative. Once again, the most interesting part is that floating Geocities logo.
This page needs some MAJOR re-thinking. Although for an RPG there are bound to be some similarities between different games, this one was almost completely cut and pasted from another. My guess is that it was done by someone rejected from the game they appropriated this from.
In closing, a question: This site is for a story-writing RPG, how creative could a blatant plagiarist possibly be?

Sailor Moons Crystal Tokyo
Created by: someone who remains anonymous ....
Discovered by: Mamoru and Minako
Overall Rating: 2.75 Pans
Minako First of all, every image that I see on this page is loaded from another server. One or two is okay, but if you are just putting together a bunch of other people's images, I'm not impressed. Especially when you spend half your page ranting and raving about how unfair it is to stop image theives. Give it a rest! If someone went through the time and effort to make special graphics for their page, they have every right to ask you not to take them.
The profiles are the same old, same old... the standard ones you see on every other Sailor Moon page, with a few personal opinions, plus some spelling and grammatical errors added for good measure.
At least this person has the good sense to admit his/her page has its problems. This is the first step to improving your page, but don't whine at me that your page is so bad because you're only thirteen and don't have the software. Download a shareware or freeware image editor off the web, or ask someone nicely to help you.
Mamoru After looking through this page I asked myself a single question. What was the point?
After enduring the same bios that I've seen all over (No credit given, can we say PLAGIARIST?), I went to go look at his 'image section'. There is absolutely nothing here you can't get at a thousand other Sailor Moon pages. In fact, it's better to go to those for no other reason than you will get to miss the constant rants about "Free the Images". Now, I wholeheartedly believe that an image a fan draws and scans and uses is their own and they have a right to veto it's use, but I don't think "I scanned this cool pic from Animage so it's MINE!" holds water.
In closing, don't waste your time, the most endearing part of this page is the annoying floating Geocities logo at the bottom.
PS: When you write a page in english, don't say it's "strictly japanese dialog."

Mako-Chibi's Eternal SailorMoon age
Created by: Mako-Chibi .... Discovered by: Mamoru and Minako
Overall Rating: 3 Pans
Minako Oh my eyes!!!!!! Please, please, please, don't use a background image with text on it!!!! Also, you know you've picked a bad text color when visitors to your page have to highlight your text with the mouse to even read it. There are a few broken images also. This page has very little real information on it that I could find; just a brief half-profile of Sailor Moon that really only described each of her fuku in detail, and profiles of Sailor Saturn and Sailor Jupiter. Save yourself the trouble and the headache!
Mamoru YIKES! This page is so bad it's HARMFUL. To begin with, I can't figure out what the point of this page is. There's a large collection on the midi page, but they're all from somewhere else. Mako-Chibi at least credits that MOST of them are taken from a single page. However, the main page is atrocious. There is a very brief back story of the show on it, though you have to highlight it to be able to read it against the background image. There are a few image links on the page to bios of Hotaru Mako-chan and Usagi, but there's nothing really wonderful on those pages. Then there is the images page, where not a single link works.
All in all, save yourself the aspirin and don't even bother with it.

This page created by:
Minako and Mamoru

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