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The Ugly
The "M" Squad's picks for tech-impaired pages

September 1997

Laura D's Sailor Moon Page
Created by: LauraD
Discovered by: Mamoru
Overall Rating: 1.83 Pans

Why it's UGLY:

  1. Long scrolling front page
  2. Boring layout, too many line dividers at bottom
  3. Broken images in IMAGE GALLERY

Positives about the site:

  1. Some cute tidbits from the creator
  2. Nice fanfic collection started.

This page is the victim of a BAD layout! The content isn't so bad, but the main page layout is pretty scary. One mistake is putting the whole song she wrote on the front page, before the links to the other content! If you're going to put something of that length on the main page, then at least put it AFTER the links to the other content. Or better yet, put it on a separate page, with a link to that page. Also, the magic "T" word...thumbnails! Use them!

The technical problems on this page seem to run rampant. There is a real need for thumbnails in the image gallery, and there are a few broken image scattered through the site. Not to mention the whole long poem and the credits on the front page! Both these things need to go on a separate page, it would make for better organization and shorter scrolling on the front page. Fixing the broken images and arranging them to complement the text would do wonders for the look of the page.

All I can do is repeat what the other two said...THUMBNAILS and ORGANIZATION!! Don't feel the need to load down the front page with a lot of stuff! If people WANT to look at your song or your credits list, then they WILL! And make it easy for people to get to the meat of the site, they'll appreciate it! And why is there such an overuse of the line tag at the bottom with the listing of all the Sailor Moon Rings or yadda yadda? Ditch all the dividing lines, there doesn't seem to be any real purpose to having them. Less IS more!! The problems don't quite seem two-pan worthy to me, but that's just me, so 1 1/2 it is.

Mark's Venus Shrine
Created by: Mark
Discovered by: Mamoru
Overall Rating: 2.00 Pans

Why it's UGLY:

  1. WAY too much blinking text
  2. Too much BIG text
  3. Random arrangement of pictures on front page

Positives about the site:

  1. Decent content
  2. Some nice pics and animated .gifs

This site is actually pretty decent, the content was decent and there was some nice stuff to look through. BUT (of course there's a "but"!) the front page gives a pretty bad first impression! My main beef with this? The fact that all the text blinks, not to mention the fact that the majority of the text is HUGE! I know for a fact that we state in our page criteria that too much big and or blinking text is a real annoyance to viewers, and this combination of the two is way too hard on the eyes!

My brain cells are still reeling thanks to this page. All the gigantic blinking text warped my eyes for the next year or so. And why the haphazard image arrangement in the middle of the page? This page has an image gallery, so the big cluster of images should go there. If you're going to decorate the page with images, then spread them out!

Isn't this text TOTALLY ANNOYING?? Wouldn't it just SUCK for you guys if I wrote the whole review this way?? I THINK SO!

But I'm not going to, because I don't want to be THAT mean to our viewers! All I have to say to this individual is for the LOVE of GOD, PLEASE don't overuse the H1 tag and blinking text! It's too much stress for human eyes! And why is all the text underlined? I'm hoping that this was just an oversight on the creator's part, and maybe they forgot to close the tags? PLEASE? And they also might want to find a different way to arrange the pictures. It's a pretty crazy lookin' layout, and it's not exactly in a good way.

This page was created by Mars!

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