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The Good
The M Squad's picks for good Sailor Moon sites

September 1997

The Sailor Jupiter Shrine
Created by: ZChaotix
Discovered by: Mars
Overall Rating: 2.83 stars

WHAT A SITE! This is a great shrine, and incredibly comprehensive! It has just about everything a Mako-fan (such as myself) needs. A whole ton of links, Lita fanfics, not to mention the usual pics, sounds, and info that a site should have already. I suppose it is not so much originality that earns points for this site as it is the completeness of everything! This person has clearly done his/her homework. If you're a fan of Lita/Makoto, then this is the place to start!

The Shrine is exactly the kind of information source that every SM page should strive to become. There is probably the longest list of Jupiter links that I've seen, and also the other types of things a Jupiter fan would be looking for. The format is kind of interesting, since it's basically set up like an FAQ, and it's well-done! Most of the questions ZChaotix thought of are the ones that most newbies would probably think of, making it very useful for those who are trying to learn more about Mako-chan. The layout is also simple and user friendly, without being boring. Well done!

Well I NEVER expected to be contributing a Kino Makoto page to this thing! Mako fans seem to hate Rei A LOT, so I guess I'm a *little* biased. ^_^ But this site was just GREAT! I've never seen a Jupiter page with more information before! I must admit it doesn't have a whole lot of personality to it, and the content isn't anything special or unique, but it's SO complete and TOTALLY CORRECT, that earns it like 10000 points from me! And no character bashing, either! Definitely worth seeing.

The Shingo Shrine
Created by: Coyles? (we only have an E-mail addy to go by)
Discovered by: Mamoru
Overall Rating: 1.83 Stars

This is a really neat little shrine, and very unique! It's the only Shingo shrine I've ever run into! It's written from Shingo's perspective, so it's entertaining to read, even if it does refer to Usagi as a "BAKA! BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA BAKA!". (Well, it IS from Shingo's perspective, so I suppose a little meanness is a point!) I also liked the little "Private Investigator Profile" they made. It was funny! My only wish? More pics or links or diary entries! The content is good, just more of it! But Shingo is a pretty minor character, so it's a nice effort anyway.

Well, I thought this site deserved some mention, although it's not that extensive. I agree with Mako-chan's sentiment, the content is very well-done, there just isn't that much of it! But the creator has some good ideas started, all they need to do is go on with it and expand! Shingo' character pretty much fades out of existence as Sailor Moon goes on, so it's understandable that information and images are hard to find. But it's a good start, and I hope to see more from the creator soon.

This is a cute site! Not that huge, but CUTE! (Shingo probably WOULDN'T want us to call him cute though! ^_^) But the content is REALLY funny, and it really shows Shingo's personality! I know we're not supposed to promote hate, but I thought it was kinda funny when Shingo would talk about Usagi! Hee hee! Well, Shingo's feelings about his sister are well hidden, y'know. I also liked the Luna 8-ball thingie. Cute! Add more stuff to this site, and it would be really cool! It has a LOT of potential right now.

This page was created by Mamoru

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