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The Bad
The "M" Squad's picks for worthless pages

September 1997

Mizuno's Domain
Creator: MPadil
Discovered by: Mars
Overall Rating: 3 pans

Why it's BAD:

  1. Virtually no content
  2. Almost all images broken
  3. Format problems, slow loading time

Positives about the site:

  1. It leads to a decent Chibi-Chibi page?
There doesn't seem to be any point to this page! The viewer has to wait an eternity for the page to load, only to find out that the graphics DON'T WORK! And there doesn't seem to be much else in the way of content without the pictures, so it doesn't seem to have any real purpose! Maybe the pictures would work better if they were displayed in JPG or GIF format instead of BMP, huh?

This page needs a serious overhaul, any viewer can tell right off the bat. The graphics are broken, save one or two, and there is no real content on any of the pages. Fixing the images, would already be a major improvement, even if it had a bad layout and lousy content. The first step would be changing the images to GIF or JPG format. BMP files don't display on web browsers. At the very least, they don't display on Netscape browsers.

If this page got any worse, it would probably DIE! Where's the CONTENT? Where's the WORKING IMAGES? There's nothing to do or see on this page! Even the CHAT ROOM doesn't work! And that's probably the LAST thing I'd want to DO visiting a Sailor Moon page! Please, give the server space to someone who can USE it!

Sailor Moon Ate My Balls
Creator: Boo
Discovered by: Mako-chan
Overall Rating: 3 pans

Why it's BAD:

  1. Joke page done in poor taste
  2. Nothing about the senshi

Positives about the site:

  1. Images are decent...if you ignore the captions

This page is pointless, not to mention disgusting! I've seen other joke and parody pages of Sailor Moon on the web, and this is probably the least entertaining one I've seen. Why not do something funny and original, like Sailor Moon Says:your Daily Alternative, or something? I think I speak for all three of us when I say that this page is a waste of time and server space.

This page is so insulting to my intelligence that I don't even want to review it. All I can say is that this individual has too much time on his or her hands.

Sailor Moon ATE my BALLS?! What kind of garbage is this?! For a joke page, this is VERY UN-FUNNY. I have to wonder about this person's sense of humor, because this is just TASTELESS humor at its worst.

Sailor Central
Creator: Brent
Discovered by: Jenko
Overall Rating: 2 pans

Why it's BAD:

  1. Lack of content
  2. Stolen Image
  3. Repetitive layouts

Positives about the site:

  1. Some decent concepts starting out
  2. Author is giving original content

Our first page recommended by a visitor! Unfortunately, it was on bad terms. :( This last minute entry was sent along with another URL, saying that this person stole an image. I looked at the other page, and it was true, the original image was there, along with a disclaimer stating that the menu images were created by the other webmaster, and that they shouldn't be taken! While it's not quite as blatant as stealing text, stealing images is pretty scummy too, especially since this person is still using that dopey Geocities Basic Homepage Builder.

I thought this page was very loosely centered around Sailor Moon. There wasn't any information about the senshi, not even the same basic stats that are on every other page. This page is also very plain, and the layouts on all the pages are pretty much exactly the same! While I realize that they're just starting out, I would suggest this person learn some HTML and image editing, or at least ask someone to help them instead of stealing other people's images in a weak attempt to spiff up the page. I'm reluctant to be harsh because it's a newbie page, but some things just don't fly in any situation.

I'm not sure I see the point of this page. It's very small-scale. A web-ring with two members, a club with only one, and contest without a prize, you know. There's a few pages, a few links, but nothing big. While they did do their best to create an original page, there just isn't enough there! I can't really fault them for that though, because the whole Basic Homepage builder thing shows they haven't been around too long. But swiping an image reflects really bad on them.

This page was made my Mako-chan!

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