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The Ugly
The M Squad's picks for badly designed pages

October 1997

Sailor Jupiter
Creator: S'Jordan
Discovered by: Mamoru
Overall Rating: 2.33 Pans

You know, I'm noticing that Sailor Jupiter seems to be the Senshi with the best AND the worst pages out there! And this page is no exception on the lousy scale! Firstly, the index page is BORING! It's all black and white, and with the exception of the ring images, there are virtually no images to be found! And the couple that the creator tries to put on are broken! And the links to the images, links, and MIDIs start a second copy of the browser, which gets to be a major annoyance! I also think the info needs some work, so much so that it's almost a BAD page! The repeated comments about "that moron Sailor Moon" get old fast.

This is another Jupiter page that doesn't come close to doing her justice. There is a multitude of Jupiter and Kino Makoto images on the web, surely the creator could have found at least one or two to spice up the index page with! There are broken images, and the Web Ring fragment is at the bottom of pages other than the index. Web Ring fragments only need to go on one page, so keeping to that would be good, because they slow down loading time.

Well, I don't know what broken images THEY'RE talking about, but even without that, this page is still BUTT-UGLY! Mostly because it's BORING! Sure, there's a background, but it's greyscale! Black, white, and grey are NOT exciting colors! And WHY does EVERY LINK start a second copy of the browser?! It's REALLY ANNOYING! And what's with all the comments in the image gallery about "Lita, stupid pose!"?!?! I've seen MUCH stupider poses than those! Like the ones I had to do for family pictures! This guy's sort of trying, but not hard enough!

Welcome to Crystal Tokyo
Creator: Chibi-Usa
Discovered by: Sailor Charon
Overall rating: 1.5 Pans

This page has a really bad setup! There's no content on the main page, it's all in a sub-page, Chibi-Usa's room! So why have the main page then?! I think that this page has been ragged on before for this, because there's a paragraph explaining that the content is in Chibi-Usa's Room. My tip: When people complain about something, don't explain it, FIX it! And the personality test is a waste of space! It would be so easy to say "I'm tough and I like cherry pie, so I'm exactly like Sailor Jupiter!" It's so heavily based on the same set of stats you see on every page that only a total SM newbie wouldn't catch on. I guess the page isn't THAT ugly, but that one problem about Chibi-Usa's room is enough to merit Ugliness.

This page is yet another victim of bad layout and broken images. The content is all in Chibi-Usa's room, but the link to go to Chibi-Usa's room is microscopic in comparison to all the other random junk on the front page. I would strongly suggest moving the content to the main page, but if the creator insists on keeping all the content in Chibi-Usa's room, then make a bigger link! And also, there were quite a few broken images on the pages, which is a major and very easily fixed problem. A lot of our Ugly pages are borderline Bad this month, but the problems in site construction overshadow the content problems.

I don't understand why this person couldn't be NORMAL and put the CONTENT on the MAIN page, instead of leading us through however many sub-pages in order to get to the content! They could just as well call it Chibi-Usa's Room, and ditch the main page ENTIRELY! And the broken images are all OVER the place!!!! I've got another misfortune performed by a Moonie...this page! Get some non-generic and INTELLIGENT content, and just re-do the whole thing! PLEASE!

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