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The Good
The M Squad's picks for good Sailor Moon sites

October 1997

Skeeter's Sailor Jupiter Shrine
Created by: Skeeter
Discovered by: Lena
Overall Rating: 2.33 Stars

Mako-chanThis is a neat page! Well, of course, it's a Jupiter page, but it really is nice! First of all, the imagemap is really pretty, a nice Mako-chan montage, you could say. Also, the content is really good for a NA site too! This is obviously a person who knows Lita, and can write about her knowledgeably! And the You Know You Like Sailor Jupiter Too Much When... page is hilarious! I can't wait for the creator to come up with more! This is definitely a site that's going on my bookmark list. Nice work!

MamoruThis Jupiter page is one of the better ones on the Web, especially with the recent influx of half-baked Sailor Jupiter pages that seem to be appearing. The content is excellent, especially for a NA dub-based site. And the supplementary content by the creator is very original and entertaining. The imagemap is also nice, though she might want to make sure that the backgrounds of all pictures used are the same exact color, because I think I saw some grayish tones around parts of it. But even so, a good site!

MarsGeez, are you noticing that every month there's a Jupiter page? Well, OK, so there wasn't one in August, but there was one last month! Anyway, it still doesn't matter, because this Jupiter site is also worthy of our attention. I thought it was a REALLY fun site! The Guy Watching with Lita thing was cute! And the YKYLSJTMW page was great! It really had me laughing. The sounds and videos page also has some really funny sound clips. Really well-rounded overall. Love it!

Sailor Moon Cyber City
Created by: Rowena Lim
Discovered by: Jazz Man
Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Mako-chanWOW! All I can say is WOW! OK, I'll quit watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels now, and pay attention to the review. Seriously, this site is definitely worthy of a thousand Wow's! It's probably the best general SM site I've ever seen in overall quality. The information is very correct, and the other content is really detailed. Clearly a LOT of work was put into this! And I liked the idea of it being a City. It brought a new twist to the presentation of the info. And there's a lot of info that isn't widely known to SM fans! It taught me a lot in just 5 minutes! Go check out this site, because you're in for a treat, and you'll learn something new at the very least!

MamoruThis is a truly wonderful site, in every sense of the word! The information is complete, not to mention the fact that it's rare. The images are lovely, and everything is just so well put-together, it's beyond words. This site shows originality without going too far off on a strange tangent, and it's informative without being boring or pedantic. I could look at this site for hours. I would recommend that you do so!

MarsRowena Lim is the CHEESE! The BOMB! The QUEEN of ALL GOODNESS! For making a site this good, she deserves every title in the book of good titles! Sailor Moon Cyber City is SO entertaining, and SO informative, it downright amazes me! These Filipinos must know their Sailor Moon, because Rowena knows just about EVERYTHING! And she makes it fun and interesting to look at! Way to GO, Rowena!

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