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The Bad
The M Squad's picks for lousy pages

October 1997

Sailor Coral's Saturn Page
Creator: Sailor Coral
Discovered by: Cassiopeia7
Overall Rating: 3 Pans

Mako-chanOH MY GOD... When I saw this site, I about retched! The spelling errors are ABOMINABLE! Since when is Sailor Moon related at all to "Sireneena"? And for a Saturn page, they should at least know how to spell Hotaru! ("Hotura?!") The bio is also hard to understand, even after I went looking at the source code to actually read it. Tip: DON'T make the text the same color as the background! All in all, this page is a jumbled mess content-wise.

MamoruI fail to understand this site. Firstly, there are broken images scattered throughout the pages. Not to mention the fact that the text doesn't make any sense, when it's actually visible. And there are HTML tags showing on the index page. The images on the index that actually DO work don't fit in the table provided, which looks very messy. This site is not worth your time, because it's totally disorganized and will do nothing but confuse you.

MarsWhat's the DEAL with this page?! I can't READ or understand the info, the pages look wretched, there are broken pics ALL OVER the place, and that's just the beginning! And WHY are there random pics of Calvin and Oscar the Grouch on some of the pages?! What does that have to DO with Sailor Moon?! And who needs a Java chat room? Another idea, USE THUMBNAILS IN THE IMAGE GALLERY! PLEASE!

Moon Goddess of Magic's Sailor Moon Page
Creator: Moon Goddess of Magic
Discovered by: Mako-chan
Overall Rating: 2.33 Pans

Mako-chanWell, this page would just be Ugly, except that there are two pretty shady things I noticed. First of all, in the Sailor Moon Mall, there is Rei's Shrine shop, where you "make your own shrine." This idea is REALLY loaded. This person is basically offering to put up another totally generic SM page for whoever wants it! With all the crappy Sailor Moon pages clogging up the 'Net already, this concept can only make the situation worse. Secondly, in the SM Mall, it also mentions that in the coming "store" Makoto's Kitchen, they might post some Lita Lettermoon Top Ten lists. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Lita Lettermoon belong to Sailor Moon Says: Your Daily Alternative? All I can say is that this person had better ask permission before using that concept! Overall, bonus points for an original idea in creating the mall, but the concepts of the individual stores need some work!

MamoruThis page is mediocre in setup, but the concept problems Mako-chan mentioned really bring down the site's quality. There is also no information about the senshi included on this page. Minako's fashion gallery could REALLY use some thumbnails. I suggest giving the thumbnails a standard height, and then use a tables format to post the thumbnails with captions. Also, change the fanfic into an HTML file, or at least change it to .txt format so people can read it without downloading it. And the news about the VA's returning and not returning to work on more NA dubbed episodes is good, but it should really go on a separate page! This page has a pretty good premise, but it really needs some work before it can reach the kind of quality level we can look up to.

MarsThis page is pretty deceiving! When you first enter, everything looks OK. There's a cute header image, and the links are nice and organized. But when you scroll down further, CHAOS takes over! Pics are arranged randomly (and TERRIBLY!), and there's a ton of stuff that REALLY shouldn't go on the index page!! All that news and stuff should go on a separate page! And that Rei's Shrine store is a REALLY BAD idea! You could do a lot better than this, especially with a great character like Rei! (I'm a little biased, but it's TRUE!) Try temple charms or fortunes or SOMETHING! Just DON'T make totally GENERIC SM pages for anyone who asks! We DON'T need MORE clone Sailor Moon pages on the Web!

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