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The Ugly

March 1998

Puu-chan's Anything Goes Sailor Moon Page
Created by: Puu-chan.... Discovered by: Michiru
Overall Rating: 2.5 Pans
Michiru Oooh, a Ranma 1/2 and Sailormoon title ... interesting. I'd have to say that this page took me 10 minutes to load on my line (ISDN). I understand that some people do not know how to upload/ftp, but please, ask for help! I recommend that the H1 flag to not be used so often! Also, I noticed that the table is taken from the old layout of Rose's Chibi-Usa Shrine; please give credit where it's needed. Other than that, I'd have to say that it's not that bad!
Makoto This page is a classic example of ugliness. "Anything Goes" is right, because with this page, anything and everything goes in the H1 tag! Make that text smaller! This page is also a monster for loading time. This person steals oodles of bandwidth, almost all the pictures are directly linked from other locations. I will note that at least "Puu-chan" credits the page she is pulling images from, but why not just save them and upload them onto the server? This would help the loading time a lot! Nothing new or interesting here, just some classic HTML mistakes made by most beginners.

Anime Master
Created by: Master54X.... Discovered by: Mako-chan
Overall Rating: 1.75 Pans
Michiru This is one of the better AOL pages I've seen. Seriously. I think that the opening text shouldn't be enlarged to +5! Keep it normal! It could have been possible to make a short list of things, instead of scrolling all the way down to see your selections too. For the SM picture gallery, try to arrange the thumbnails into a row or put text links. Overall, pretty good.
Makoto This is yet another page with a sloppy layout. I liked the introduction to Anime at the top of the page, but but even though it wasn't in the H1 tag, I'm guessing H2, because the text was still too big for my liking. The backgrounds are also WAY too busy on this page, and they make text really hard to read! Looking at the Sailor Moon Picture Gallery, there are some nice pictures here, but they're laid out in the worst possible way! The page scrolls on and on and on...(scrolling scrolling scrolling...) The page would be a lot shorter if they just let the thumbnails run next to each other instead of starting a new row for each picture. Or better yet, put them in a table for neatness sake! Keep trying!

An Universe for SailorMoon (Fans)!
Created by: Miller Sven .... Discovered by: Michiru and Mercury
Overall Rating: 1.5 Pans
Michiru This page is mostly ugly because of the background and choice of font colors. But then there's the image gallery. I love the chibi-pics, but it just keeps on loading and loading... For the biographies, I would suggest that the creator say that they are linked to Terry Ladan's site (BTW, Sun, Appollo, and Zanadu are not real "scouts"). For the animated GIFs, the titles are somewhat different. There is no such make up as "Chibiusa Star Power MakeUp," "SailorMoon Star Power MakeUp." etc. But, this site could be amazing... if they fix some minor problems! (I'll help if they ask.)

On the overall scale:

Makoto This page is pretty ugly, but definitely not as ugly as some. I like that the creator used text links to the individual animations in the animated gallery, instead of giving it horrible loading time by jamming them all onto one page! The layout is sloppy, as Michiru said, and the index loading is slow. The blinking text in the table came out weird, so I suggest removing that. I think I can let the attack inaccuracies slide JUST this one because this page is half in German, so there could have been translation problems. I also agree that there should be a notice that the profiles are linked from the Astronomical Sailor Moon Observatory. Don't use Terry's New Scouts, since they're NOT part of Naoko's story! All those divider lines on the index are unnecessary, and the Geocities link shouldn't be in the middle of the page! This page has a lot of little niggles that bug a viewer, but some parts are definitely on the right track

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