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March 1998

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Peggy Jones' Lanai Gallery
Created by: Ana.... Discovered by: Minako
Minako This page isn't controvesial, but I think it's cute and interesting. This is a wonderfully designed semi-shrine to a character you may not remember. She was only in one episode in the first season of Sailor Moon, as the carrier of one of the rainbow crystals-- Peggy Jones, the artist formerly known as Lani Lanai. This site features screen captures of the episode with clever captions along the style of one of this month's Good Page Picks, the Sailor Moon Cel Gallery. Ana, the author of this page, is a fantastic artist and developed Peggy into a fanfiction character, Sailor Ro, with beautiful pictures she both drew herself and made from other images. Overall, this is an creative, attractive, and unique page, a clever tribute to one of the lesser known, but obviously appreciated, characters of Sailor Moon.

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