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The Good

March 1998

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Sailormoon Millennium IV
Created by: Ben Goodger .... Discovered by: Mako-chan
Overall Rating: 2.75 Stars
Mars WOW! This page is FAB!!! I was impressed with the Netscape 3 or lower version, but then I hopped on another computer that had Netscape 4...YOW! This is the ONLY page I have ever seen that has different pages for Netscape 4, Netscape 3 or lower, AND text-only for Lynw people! The frames were done VERY well, the loading time is pretty good, and the content is unique! I also like that he has pages talking about common mistakes made in web pages, and how to avoid them. Just the kind of stuff that WE stand for! Visit this guy now, he's got SKILLS!
Minako Unique and interesting. The page design is very professional, loads quickly, the frames are hardly noticable and I like the blue wavy thing. VERY cute. ^_^ This site features web design tips which are nice, though occasionally sounding a little bossy... with his obvious skills, he can afford to. This page includes a VERY in depth and well-written shrine to Sailorsaturn, which includes comparisons of Hotaru with various celebrities. Unfortunately, not all his links seem to be working. -_- Otherwise, nicely done!

The SM Zone
Created By: Apatt .... Discovered by: Mars & Minako
Overall Rating: 2.75 Stars
Mars I've known about this page for a couple months, and I have always liked it! I like how Apatt doesn't spit those silly vital statistics at you, he tells you HIS impressions of the characters, no pussyfooting here! And there are also unique and FUN little bits, like the SM Files, a bunch of little Wonder WHY's about parts of SM! The graphics and backgrounds are also REALLY impressive! AND I HIGHLY recommend the Sailor Mars Zone!! It's just BEAUTIFUL! It makes me SO HAPPY to see more and more Sailor Mars pages that show you what she's REALLY like. A+ Buddy!
Minako A cool guy makes a great page.... Apatt put a lot of work into his page, and it shows. ^_^ The graphics on his page are just wonderful, and he includes a gallery of transparent Sailormars gif files to help other fans making webpages. A wonderful section of this shrine is the "Usagi and Rei's Friendship Page" which proves with pictures and dialogue from the episodes that Sailormoon and Sailormars do NOT hate each other. Occasionally I found some grammatical and spelling errors throughout this page, but considering the wonderful content, those can be overlooked.

Sailor Moon Cel Gallery
Created by: Devin DeGruyl .... Discovered by: Sailor Serra
Overall Rating: 2.25 Stars
Mars This is SUCH an entertaining page!! Over 100 original screen captures are featured here, along with totally CLEVER captions! I was laughing like crazy!! The page features one episode at a time, and it tells you things you might never have known or notice. If I couldn't watch an episode for real, this would be a GREAT alternative! And the idea is SO different from other SM pages, definitely NOT generic, it deserves mention for sure!
Minako How cute! This is an original and interesting idea. And VERY funny! I like this chance to read the author's take on these episodes. I like his clever sense of humour. This also has a great section called Project S.A.D., "Sick of All Dub-bashing", which is for people who got hooked on Sailor Moon through the DiC dub and, despite all its faults, enjoy it. A good effort and an entertaining and enjoyable place to visit!

The Aluminum Siren Place to Be
Created by: Cory .... Discovered by: himself ^^
Overall Rating: 2 Stars
Mars This is a REALLY FUN page! Aluminum Siren, one of the four nasty Anima-mates, is the focus of this shrine, and it's a lot of fun! I LOVE how Aluminum and the "pet fish, Sir Siren" narrate the whole page, it gives a lot of personality! The content is really good too, LOTS of detail! I think the layout of the little narration pics COULD be improved (they kind of make the page look messy the way they are) but I still had A LOT OF FUN here!!!
Minako I found this page both fun and informative. The page's author has a nice writing style which keeps you interested in what he's saying instead of just rattling off facts. He presents good information in a fun way about a character I didn't know too much about-- I felt truly more enlightened about Aluminum Siren after reading through this page. Includes episode summaries of the episodes featuring Sailor Aluminum Siren. The fan art and picture galleries are nice. As Mars said, the narration pictures are a bit messy, but all in all, a good effort!

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