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The Bad

March 1998

Beautiful World of Sailor Moon Fan Club
Created by: Sailor Aquila.... Discovered by: Mako-chan
Overall Rating: 2 Pans
Mercury You know... I really dislike plagiarizers. This page is has a decent design along with graphics, but I hate plagiarizers. I'm not joining, are you? After hearing about what this page has done, I haven't taken the time to look into lots of detail... you need some more reasons for why this is (obviously) qualifying for bad? See Mamoru. Enough said ^_^;
Mamoru Normally we don't focus on fan clubs for our reviews, but this particular one has been pretty offensive, which is why we're breaking the mold for once. Upon inspection, you can see that the square planetary symbol patches are buttons created by a free graphics site known as Route Venus. Route Venus requires a credit and a link from any site that uses its images in any way, and I don't see anything of the sort on this page. Reports have also come out from several people that the two rules on this page were plagiarized from another Sailor Moon club known as ASPIRE. Stealing and plagiarism are two big taboos our the M Squad list, but other than those two crimes, this is just your average Sailor Moon fan club.

A Castle in the Sky
Created by:Zasboy.... Discovered by: Mercury
Overall Rating: 2.5 Pans
Mercury Not only has this page not been updated since October, but it's very carelessly made and really really sucks in loading time and just about everything. You can't absolutely see the webdesign without feeling as if you wanted to cry! Scout... Starlights, Chibi Chibi are NOT scouts (yet, at least). If this is what the person insists on... must be some scary fandub. Must the font be so large? Font size should be fine for everyone if it should not go over 3 (not +1!) And yet... if this page is *still* under construction, it's pretty stupid to add it to search engines. Mamoru was the one who noticed how the background looks so similar to Fritter's Sailormoon Indulgence... and yes minna, it is... enlarged to a blur. This page is a waste of time, not worth the torture of setting your eyes upon! This page needs some assistance and some attention!
Mamoru This page is a catastrophe waiting to happen. The layout is absolutely wretched. Huge picture at the top, huge picture links from the sub-pages back to the index, messy images in the gallery that aren't thumbnailed. And if the background looks a bit familiar, don't be surprised. It's the same background used at Fritter's Sailormoon Indulgence, only enlarged so it's blurrier and less recognizable. I'm not sure is the background belongs to Fritter, but I haven't seen it used anywhere else until now, so it probably does. The information is also generic, those same statistics that you see on every other page. I realize that this page is still under construction, but so far it doesn't look good.

Sailor Serena's Sailor Moon Page
Created by: Sailor Serena.... Discovered by: Mercury
Overall Rating: 2.5 Pans
Mercury I doubt most people will care if you finally get your scanner working. That's something that says you should start a personal update page. It's also very uncomfortable to see everything written in h3 flag! Long loader... simply long... (maybe it's just my modem). But it's funny... see the Mercury page and read the Hiragana... it's says Haruka! Ahem, it's not a flaw that someone doesn't know how to read Hiragana, but it shows how careless she designs her page, as in she doesn't check to make sure her files are correct. Also... every page is simply so terribly designed.

After a couple of arguments with this person... she has re-done her page... sort of... it should not be in the success stories until it's something that is actually worth visiting ... right now it's practically nothing...

Mamoru This page is confusing. At first it looks pretty average and non-threatening. Then, the background loads, making the text on the index page near-impossible to read. Some of the other backgrounds work all right, others don't. There is also major inconsistency on several parts of this page. Some profile pages have a pretty decent appearance, such as the Sailor Venus profile, and then there's the Sailor Moon profile page, which is written entirely in the H1 tag. There are inaccuracies in information too. When did Rei's favorite food become fugu fish? The information that is correct is completely generic, and is nothing that anyone hasn't seen a thousand times already. The layout on the main page could also use some help as well. The profile link images are laid out very inefficiently. I could go on about this page for an eternity, but I just don't have the time.

HI! MARS here...just wanted to put up a correction to Mamoru's statement. Rei-chan's FAVORITE food IS fugu fish! MANY reliable sources, like the Original Sailor Mars Shrine say so! But he's not the expert on Rei-chan, so I GUESS we can let it go...^^

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