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The Ugly
The M Squad's picks for nasty looking pages

October 1997

Sailormoon Ultimate
Creator: Will
Discovered by: Whiz Kid
Overall rating: 1.5 Pans.

Mako-chan This page, per the description of the Ugly rating, has potential, but the design is messed up! When I viewed the page, there was this weird text wrap occuring where the sentences would start on the right side of the page, and the end of the sentence would get plopped way over on the left. Narrow the display size, some people still have small screens! You don't need huge links back to the index either, but a little one is fine. Like our little "Back to index" link! The content shows potential though! I liked the poll questions, though some of them were very interesting! With some re-designing, this page could turn out to be one of the better ones.

Mars As Mako-chan mentioned, PLEASE remember those of us with small displays! That text wrap thing was MESSED UP! The page would look better if you took the border off the transparent gifs you use as links. The big square around it just looks SLOPPY! AND there were some broken links! Be sure to TEST them ALL out when you update! But I agree, this page has potential to be good! KEEP WORKING AT IT!!

Princess Serenity's Sailor Moon Forever
Creator: Princess Serenity
Discovered by: Usagi
Overall rating: 2 Pans

Mako-chan This looks like the usual page from an inexperienced webmaster. The index keeps on scrolling and scrolling... (Is that the Energizer bunny in the distance? HA!) Some of the backgrounds also make the text hard to read. It's not as bad as some web pages however, because this problem could probably be fixed by just lightening or darkening the text color. It's just not a very exciting page! :( If you're looking for pics to use, then you might want to find an FTP download site, there are plenty around, and the pic are generally free for all to use.

Mars This page is kind of blah and messed UP! I can't read the text, because the backgrounds are so "BUSY"!!! You should try to find a background that is mostly one color, so text will show up better! There are broken pics too! The page says that none of the pics are YOURS, but it you're allowed to USE them, then upload them to YOUR server! That way if pages go down, you will still HAVE the picture for your page! Just some cleaning up and this page would be OK.

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