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Interesting/controversial SM sites

January 1998

The Unofficial Parody of the American Sailor Moon Songs
Creator: Sailor Antares
Discovered by: (self-nominated)

I get the honor this time of being the pioneer and doing the first feature in our Notables category. And this page definitely fits the bill! Sailor Antares has been billed as "The 'Weird Al' Yankovic of Sailor Moon," thanks to his rather interesting and amusing parodies of the songs featured in the North American dub of Sailor Moon. He has received both flames and praises as a result of his site, and he has even been accused of being Anti-Sailor Moon. But a lot of new and interesting concepts come under close scrutiny. I myself was laughing hysterically at some of the parody songs and drawings, and my other two associates were very much amused. So congratulations to Sailor Antares, for coming up with something new and original, and for sticking with it!

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