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The Good
The M Squad's picks for quality Sailor Moon sites

January 1998

The Dark Dome
Created by: Sailor Serra
Discovered by: Mara K.
Overall Rating: 2.5 Stars

Mako-chan What a nice page! And isn't it funny that these two nominated each other? It's clear that this page is the newer of the two, but it's creative and slick in its youth! The imagemap is cool (although a bit fuzzy in some places), and the color scheme of the main index really fits Pluto well. I also really enjoyed the original features, like that cute Javascript for the New Year's resolutions, and the Fan Art and Fiction collections are a great way to get the viewer in on the Pluto-fest. This page is definitely a winner!

Mars This page is REALLY cool! A lot of shrines are just LAME, anyone who looks at our page regularly knows THAT! We have a Jupiter Shrine as BAD or UGLY EVERY TIME practically! This is one of the ONLY exceptions I'VE seen! Here's a thing we haven't seen before: LOWSRC tags! Serra knows that the pic files are big, so she has set it up so a small black and white pic loads before the actual so you can still get around! The New Year's thing was down when I looked at this page, but you can STILL see its creativity! And rumor has it that this page was just made back in NOVEMBER! This girl has a LOT of potential!

Pluto Planet Power
Created by: Mara K.
Discovered by: Sailor Serra
Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Mako-chan This page is simple, yet gorgeous in its simplicity! The headers are really neat looking, but the pages still look slick and uncluttered. All the original pics are great! And it's fast-loading too, which is a definite plus. And there's content up the wazoo!! Great info on the Pluto VAs, and even pictures from the creator's Pluto toy collection! This is clearly an experienced veteran who knows her stuff, and isn't afraid to show it!

Mars What an AWESOME page!! It's so CUTE that these two nominated each other too! There's obviously a student/mentor thing going here, and Mara is THE person to learn from! Anyway, on to the REVIEW!! This page is SO PRETTY!! What Mara does with graphics is like magic, it looks so lovely! And the movie poster pic on the front page is SO creative! And OF COURSE, the info is great too!! And I like the Giftshop idea too, and it's a nice thing to do for people who aren't quite as good at making such pretty pics! This page WORKS IT, and it is just FABULOUS!

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