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The Bad
The M Squad's picks for lousy pages

January 1998

Master J's Sailor Moon Super Page
Creator: Master J
Discovered by: Simmie
Overall rating: 2.75 Pans

Mako-chan This page has a lot of things that can get on your nerves after a while! The backgrounds are way too busy and they make it hard to read the text. The character info is G-E-N-E-R-I-C, and the whole page is either boring or illegible. And to top it all off, not only are the five animated gifs of the senshi all in a row, but they're also stolen bandwidth! Anybody who steals bandwitdh from the SOS page is pretty lame! Maybe a couple years ago this page would have been "your #1 Sailor Moon source on the Web" but by now this page has been outdone a thousand times over.

Mars This is a case of OVERBLOWN EGO!! It sure seems that way to ME! What's this crap about "You must love Master J and his web page" anyway?! And THAT was taken directly from the so-called "rules of Sailormoon that you must obey!" And this guy also calls himself the #1 Sailor Moon Source on the Web!!! Maybe I read too much into this stuff, but to ME it comes accross as EGO EGO EGO!! Not to mention he uses those SAME five animated gifs that have been DONE to DEATH, and all in a ROW!! Urk! That and I can't read half the pages because of the backgrounds! PLEASE do SOMETHING to fix this page, and GET OVER YOURSELF!!

Reeny's Place
Creator: Charlene
Discovered by: Sailor Sun
Overall rating: 1.75 Pans

Mako-chan This page is not as bad as some of the others we've mentioned, but there are a few things that just niggle at you! The design is really screwy, the frames are done badly! I can't say this enough: DON'T make a separate frame for your banner ad! Even if it is that silly Geo Navigator thing, it doesn't need a separate frame. And the mixing of NA and Japanese info is bad too, calling Chibi-Moon Reeny when Reeny hasn't become Chibi-Moon yet is potentially confusing, and WRONG. Keep trying, Charlene.

Mars Urk! FRAMES! I REALLY don't like the frames on this one, DON'T waste a frame on a BANNER AD!!! There's no POINT! And USE THUMBNAILS in the gallery!! Right now the gallery is a MONSTER for loading time! At least she posts a warning, but it WOULD be better to just fix the problem! Bad info mixing too. I don't like the reference about Reeny's "attraction" to just sounds BAD to me! And what is this "they haven't gotten up to Sailor Moon S yet (with Reeny)" stuff? Reeny first appears in Sailor Moon R! Please get it right for all your viewers!

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