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The Ugly
The "M" Squad's picks for badly constructed sites

August 1997

Sailor Mars' Ultimate Sailormoon Page
Made by: Sheraye
Discovered by: Mamoru
Overall rating: 1.33 Pans

Why it's UGLY:

  1. Too many images on the main page(Read: SLOW loading time!)
  2. Strange arrangement of Text Links
  3. A couple annoying Javascript things

Positives about the site:

  1. Content, content, content! Very comprehensive
  2. Good interactive stuff, not just text and pics
  3. Helper links for Javascript and HTML

Mako-chan You know, I'm not too inclined to give this site a horrible rating, because the content is just SO detailed and everything is well-put together...except the main page, which gives the first impression! Besides, this is the Ugly category, so we're going by looks. *sigh* Well, I had to wait a long time for the homepage to load, because of all the images that had to load! And while they do look very nice, it's not so totally fabulous that it blows you away, and if you have to wait that long, it probably should. And I don't really understand the arrangement of the text links near the bottom. It's kind of haphazard and chaotic. Maybe the creator wanted it that way?

MamoruI thought this page was a perfect example of what we're looking to help out in the Ugly category. This site has really good content going, and there's a lot of it! The only thing it needs is to spiff up the exterior, so the whole package is pleasing. The main page is loaded down with way too many graphics, and the loading time is just too slow! The picture links are laid out nicely, but there's just too many of them. (Mostly because there are so many different pages, I would think) I have to give the creator credit though, because when I first saw the page, I remembered her posting a comment to the effect of "What was I thinking making this page so image-friendly?" so at least she is aware of the problem! I would personally make an imagemap out of the links, like one for the Senshi Information links, and another for the other miscellanueos links. That, and straighten up the text links at the bottom. It kind of looks like somebody just dumped them on the page at random. And I would also ditch, or at least modify the Javascript for the color-changing screen at the beginning. The way it is right now, I was seeing spots!

MarsI guess my sense of beauty is failing this time, because I thought the site looked OK. It just took a millenium or so to load! And rearranging those text links would be a good idea, it would make the page look more polished. And the content is REALLY good. I also thought it was very nice to include links for HTML help and her old Javascripts. This kind of thing is exactly what a lot of Sailor Moon site owners out there need right now! Nice site, just needs a little bit of tweaking.

NeoQueen Serenity's SM Gallery and Trading Post(Frames version)
Made by: Queen Serenity
Discovered by: Mars
Overall rating: 2.5 Pans

Why it's UGLY:

  1. Useless frame at the top
  2. Pictures are too big, slows loading time
  3. Too much big text!
  4. Broken images

Positives about the site:

  1. Organized divisions for galleries
  2. Some fairly decent images
  3. Um...VERY supportive of the SOS Campaign?

Mako-chanThis site is pretty ugly. First of all, I really don't like frames, but it's all a matter of personal preference as far as that. The pictures in the different Senshi galleries were huge! I could have sung every single song from Phantom of the Opera waiting for it to load! Well, I could have if I actually knew all of the lyrics, anyway. But the point is, use thumbnails! There are some nice pictures here, but no one wants to wait until the next century to see them! That and scrolling down the page forever probably isn't a very stimulating activity either.

MamoruThis is a poorly done frames site. The first thing that I would do is get rid of the frame across the top! The ONLY thing in that frame is a title logo, and some idiotic Link Exchange banner. Both those things could very easily go in the main frame. And why are there so many links to the SOS Campaign with huge text surrounding them? One link on the main page is more than enough. Another thing I noticed is that not only were the gallery images too big, but there were broken images! Correct me if I'm wrong, but in a Sailor Moon Gallery, aren't the pictures the main attraction? And if pictures are the big thing everyone came to see, then they should all be working! Thumbnails would do wonders for this page. And I'm going to do a picky picky Mako-chan thing...but it's Darien NOT Darrian! ^_^

MarsScrolling, scrolling, scrolling... stop this page from scrolling...sorry, little song break there. But MAN, is this site UGLY! First of all, the frame across the top has to go. Why make a WHOLE FRAME just for some stupid banner exchange? And second, give this girl a clue: USE THUMBNAILS!!! The loading time with the full size images is abominable! And while we FULLY support the SOS Campaign, you DON'T need a link to it on EVERY SINGLE PAGE, with gigantor text advertising it! And why are there broken images? Broken images are a no-no, ESPECIALLY in an Image Gallery! And one last thing...the image in the useless frame says Queen Serena's Image Gallery and Trading Post, while the title bar on the browser says Neo-Queen Serenity's Image Gallery and Trading Post! So which are you going to be, Queen Serena, or Neo-Queen Serenity? (Never mind that there IS no "Queen Serena")

This page was created by Mamoru.

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