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The Good...
The "M" Squad's picks for Quality SM Sites

August 1997

Saturnchild's Sailormoon
Made By: Isabel the Saturnchild
Discovered By: Mako-chan
Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Mako-chanThis site is pretty cool! I was quite impressed when I first found this site. You can tell this individual has put oodles of time into her site, since there's just SO MUCH to look at! The personality test was pretty cool, it wasn't one of those cheesy ones that just uses traits about the Senshi that you could find on any decent web page to evaluate you, it uses some funky psychological personality devices to show which Senshi you're like. It lends more mystery to it! Too bad she has so many left to grade. There was a lot of good info here too, on NA and Japanese Anime, as well as the Manga. This is a person who loves Sailormoon and cares about it enough to make sure everything is done right.

MamoruWell well, Mako-chan, you've found a nice site here. I have to agree with Makoto, there is a LOT to look at on this site! I was pleased with some of the original ideas that the creator has posted, such as the Make a Man for Hota-chan page. ^_^ Even for me, a guy, this was amusing. She has some pretty extensive information about the Japanese series, not to mention information about the manga, and comes across as very knowledgeable. There's also an NA dub Explanation page, which I thought was a nice touch for viewers who can't get anything but the DiC episodes. Content on this site deserves an A+, in my opinion.

MarsIt's nice to know that there are some half-decent Sailor Moon pages left out there! As the other two said, there's plenty to see, and the page didn't take forever to load either, even with my slower-than-molasses connection. No huge pics on the main page, which was a plus. I would personally consider spiffing up the links to her other pages with an imagemap or something, but the introduction at the beginning, combined with the pics and background, make it nice enough to look at that it's not totally necessary. I'm just really picky. ;-) I also have to agree that the content showed some good originality, which is really hard to find with all the SM sites these days.

The Sailor Mars Shrine at Hikawa Jinja
Made By: Jubei and Psyber Raven
Discovered By: Mamoru
Overall Rating: 2.66 Stars

Mako-chanThis has to be *the* best Sailor Mars site I have ever seen...the whole thing looked very crisp, streamlined would be the word, and the first-person text gave it a sort of homey, personal touch that you don't get at most sites. I thought that Grandpa's Penpal Corner was a cute idea too...I'd be on that list right now, 'cept that I'm kind of paranoid about giving out my real name on the 'Net. But anyway, Grandpa's little blurb there was also tuned into his personality, even though he's not one of the most prominent characters. Too bad Yuuchiro's Shed (the multimedia page) was down...'cuz I would've liked to see what they would have done from his perspective!

MamoruThis site is a really REALLY good Sailor Mars site! I can't think of words to describe it! Then again, Mako-chan's the English major, not me. Time to break out the thesaurus, folks! ^_^ Anyway, this site just blew me away, it's very well put-together, and the content is really superb. Everything is written from the perspective of Rei, which I found to be refreshing, and it really brings Rei's personality across. These guys know Rei like the back of their hands! I also thought that the Rei-narrated pages about the other senshi were nice too, and they addressed some of the issues about Rei that have led other people to dislike her character. The only real cons to this site is the loading time, which is on the slow side. But then, Geocities seems to be a prrdy slow server. At least the creators had enough sense not to put that annoying Geo Plus applet at the top of the pages!

MarsOh, WOW! Mamoru, THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE!!!!! After all the flames and bad vibes I've gotten from being a loyal Rei disciple, it's SO good to see a site that shows the true personality of Rei, instead of flaming her for stupid reasons that aren't even true, like a certain other site we mention did! (See our Bad category for this...--Mako-chan) Everyone seems to be convinced that Rei is some kind of horrible, selfish person, and it JUST ISN'T TRUE! But anyone with a halfway open mind would definitely appreciate Rei after leaving this site. The look of the site is also a huge plus. I'll use Mako-chan's word, "streamlined," because it really does fit. The pictures are beautiful too, and the layout is very well done! I have to agree with Mamoru about the loading time, it is a bit slow, but it's really worth the wait, and this IS Geocities we're talking about after all.

This page was made by Mako-chan!

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