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The Bad
The M Squad's picks for useless sites

August 1997

Joyce Tse's Sailor Moon Page
Made By: Joyce Tse
Discovered by: Makoto
Overall Rating: 3 Pans

Why it's BAD:

  1. Very little information on the senshi, even for a DiC site
  2. The information that is there is sketchy and hard to understand
  3. Page layouts are very plain, need livening up
  4. A hate page against Sailor Mars

Positives about the site:

  1. Loading time is good, not that it matters much in this case
  2. At least she *tried* to make her content original

Mako-chanNo doubt about it, this site is an absolute travesty against humanity! OK, so maybe I'm a little riled up, but this page has the two big Mako-chan no-nos, so I might be a while reviewing this one. Firstly, the page about Rei(except it should be RAYE because it's supposedly a DiC page) is a hate page! It goes on talking about why Rei is a bad person and should be hated by everyone! Whatever happened to the whole Love and Justice ideal, huh? Not to mention that the reasons for hating Rei are pretty lame, since the majority of them are WRONG. And, to add to the headache, the information about the other Scouts is horribly incomplete. The Scouts' pages tell how they were discovered, but don't have any info ABOUT them, and the text is an insult to the English language! As a Mako-chan/Lita/Sailor Jupiter fan, it got really annoying reading about "Lida" for the whole page. Here's a tip: Get a Spellchecker and some PUNCTUATION! Maybe then the scant amount of info would make some sense!

MamoruBoy, I'm afraid of these two girls now! I guess it's up to me to be the calm, cool, collected one around here. But I have to agree, this page is very poorly done. The page layouts are pretty lame, and are basically just text links to other pages, and there's nothing else to really grab the viewer's attention. Granted, it is a Geocities page, so it's better not to load it down with a whole bunch of huge pictures on one page, but even just one measly background would be an improvement! And I had a hard time reading the info in the "shrine rooms" due to the spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. This seems like a person who wants to be cool and slick by being on the Web, since the only personal content was her Webrings and Awards. There were a few nice graphics in the Shrine Rooms, but nothing that I haven't seen before. My general feeling leaving this site was total confusion, and that is not what the newbie Sailor Moon Fan needs.

MarsRRRRRGGGGGHHH!! I could go on for HOURS about THIS page! Days, weeks, MONTHS maybe! My first impression as I entered was the same as Mamoru's, confusion. The info is REALLY hard to follow, and shouldn't it be Amy and Raye for a page based on the DiC dub? I was already going to give it 2 1/2 Pans, but when I saw the so-called "REI SHRINE ROOM," I had just about HAD IT!!! Shouldn't a Shrine to a character be there to PRAISE or INFORM people about the character? Because this so-called Shrine Room begins by saying "The text will be about all Mars bad points! If you like Mars, you better leave or stay and read how bad she really is." WHAT A CROCK OF B.S.!! FIRST of all, Raye/Rei did NOT try to "steal" Darien away from Serena, since Serena and Darien WEREN'T even GOING OUT when Raye dated Darien! AND Raye did NOT actually "try to become the LEADER of the Sailor Scouts"!! True, Raye/Rei did THINK that she would be a better leader than Serena AT FIRST, but she DIDN'T actually DO anything to try and make herself the leader of the Senshi! AND once Raye found out that Serena was the Moon Princess, she BACKED OFF on the whole leadership bit! This is a horrible page about Sailor Mars, give poor Rei some credit! Not to mention this page is a waste for fans of the other Senshi too. You'll get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING out of going to this page, so DON'T BOTHER unless you want to go and make fun of a crappy page.

Goddess Makoto's Temple
Made By: Goddess of Rain
Discovered By: Mars
Overall Rating: 1.83 Pans

Why it's BAD:

  1. Way too much big text
  2. Picture placement on page is poor
  3. Direct copying of text from another site

Positives about the site:

  1. A good, original idea for the format of the site
  2. Loading time is decent

Mako-chanWell, being an aspiring writer, I am strongly against plagiarism, and that's the main thing that aggravated me about this site. Mars originally suggested this for one of our Ugly pages, but once I read the text...well, I'll get into that later. The two things that made this site a candidate for ugliness was the monster text, and the layout of the pages. The pictures should be placed so that they complement the text, instead of getting in the way of it! But in this case, there was a lot of text to get in the way of. The content of the text itself was good...but that's probably because she didn't write it! After I actually adjusted to the text so I could read it, I recognized it right away: The text was copied right off of a Sailor Jupiter Narrative, written by MJade! This person basically took the text, changed it to a third person perspective, removed all the references to pictures, sounds, and MJade, and then posted it as her own! If that isn't total sleaze, I don't know what is! I am almost inclined to give it 2 1/2 Pans, but I have to admit that the tour guide idea was interesting, and aside from the plagiarism, this site's bad points would put it in the Ugly category. But I'm tempted, I really am.

MamoruOK...I'm looking at this site for the second time and wondering why we're putting it in the Bad category! Basically, the only problems I can see with it come from bad layouts and HTML code...OK, so Mako-chan's right, after looking at the MJade Narrative, and then reading the text on this page over again, I can definitely see the resemblance between the two. This text copying thing kind of blew any originality points it might have gotten. I'm only giving it 1 1/2 Pans, though, since without the copied text, it's really just a very very Ugly page.

MarsWell, being the person that nominated this page for the Ugly category, I was really shocked when Mako-chan, being the die-hard Jupiter expert that she is, showed me the MJade page! I thought this would've been the perfect example of a potentially decent page that is just REALLY UGLY! And it IS, with all the bugged-out text and the huge pics in funky places. And WHY the heck is that long image of Jupiter repeated twice on the first page? There's no apparent reason for it that I can see! But copying text that somebody took the time to write themselves is really scummy, especially that much of it! I liked the tour guide thing this girl had too. GO with it more! But even with a great idea for presentation, you still have to have good content to back it up, and it has to be YOUR OWN CONTENT! Without content, it's just crap! (Sorry Mamo-chan, I just had to use your little phrase!) And if you want to read this narrative, then go to MJade's page instead, so at least your eyeballs won't fly out of your head.

This page was made by Mars!

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