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The Ugly

April 1998

Sailor Supreme
Created by: Bryan Tupper.... Discovered by: Mercury
Overall Rating: 3 pans!
Mercury Onegai!!! Please stop loading! (Calms down) The (useless) index page is already ugly! As soon as you see the javascript, "PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME" (in capitals) you can predict how terrible the site will be. This javascript is not cute - it's old - and writing things in capital letters is equivalent to shouting. I'd like to take this opportunity to say that "Please click the picture" is really stupid. Is it the point to show off an image? (that doesn't even look good!) Unless you have a choice of frames or nonframes or something like that it's useless, unless you need to place some banner exchange. In this case, this guy is just showing off an image! On the main page the introduction is written in an incredibly disturbing font size along with the italic code. Everything else is also in gigantic font. And the table is the worst of all, every image is resized by width and height tag, making it look ugly. Some images are from other servers (image theif?) and some are actually large in regular size!!! (Calms down again). Ugly? In my opinion, "YES".

Goddess Michi's SailorMoon Corner
Created by: Goddes Michi .... Discovered by: Mercury
Overall Rating: 2.5 pans
Mercury As you get into the main page, the first thing I noticed was the font. Oh how I hate the h3 flag when it's used as normal text. It's only for headers! Tip: (For everyone, and I hope you're listening Goddess Michi) replace it with something like, <font face="arial,helvetica" size="2"> Things might look nicer if they weren't under the center tag - it makes it uncomfortable. The manga image of Sailorsaturn could be aligned left so the text appears on the right instead of below it, this should help the long scrolling problem. The image links to the sections are too large and take too long to load. There are also so many unnecessary graphics and text included on this one page, which I won't name. And lastly, the midi doesn't sound a thing like Kaze ni Naritai (I want to become to the wind, which is what she calls it)

Created by: Super Sailor Mercury.... Discovered by: sigh... Mercury of the M Squad
Overall Rating: 2.5 pans
Mercury In honor of my new M Squad alias, Mercury and my chance to review ugly pages, I discovered (on accident really) this Super Sailormercury temple thingy. Well, you can sort of forgive the awful design because it was done by Geocities (stupid) EZ editor. However, two images of the Hikawa Jinja type of entrance was from The Original Sailormars shrine - and linked from their Geocities account! On the main page, "SUGGAISTIONS" should be "suggestions". Another problem with the centering tag. Well, in my opinion, the title (Super Mercury whatever temple) should be centered. The links below shouldn't. That might make things look nicer. And as for font - use a_font_face. Plain text just looks ugly most of the time. Try "arial,helvetica" or "comic sans ms", those are popular fonts that most people have. The mini-movie room is nothing except a long loading animating gif palace - tip, use text links instead of the image tag. I could go on, but I think I've said enough.

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(Mercury here, if you are wondering why everything was discovered by me this month it was because overall, we only got one nomination for ugly, which I decided not to post because it wasn't as ugly as the 3 pages...
Goodbye to the old Mamoru... I must say, Mamoru was really nice and was the first person to welcome and assure me that I would get into the M Squad... but a nice warm welcome to the new Mamoru)

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