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April 1998

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The Hat Stand
Created by: Craig Dallimore.... Discovered by: Mara K.
Makoto This page will definitely catch you off guard. The Hat Stand is a neat Sailor Moon page which is dedicated to doing neat things to graphics with the Sailors. The author says the main goal of the page is "to create fully accurate 3D representations of the scouts using various 3D packages and several comics and design sketches," but that's JUST the beginning! Even with the gratuitous use of the infamous "Scouts" term, this page is still worth your time! It's not JUST a 3D senshi image page, it's also filled with hilarious parodies and visual gags ranging from a Sailor Uranus/Ellen DeGeneres hybrid (see the "Numbers" section) to an itty bitty Sailor Moon who has just conquered Super "Moonio" Brothers! I agree that this guy may have a little too much time on his hands, but he uses it to fill his page with creative energy and originality, so what better cause is there? I also like his philosophy about posting senshi info: "...the reason why there is no 'Sailor Moon info' is because YOU CAN GET IT EVERYWHERE!" Good job!

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