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The Good

April 1998

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Rose's Chibi-Usa Shrine
Created by: Rose .... Discovered by: Michiru
Overall Rating: 2.75
Makoto The first thing that hit me when I visited this page was the GRAPHICS! Rose has some totally gorgeous images and gackgrounds on her page! She obviously knows her craft! I'll note that the page is a bit long-loading, but it's very much worth the wait. The design is slick! Kind of cutesy, but it's a Chibi-Usa shrine, so the cheesy-cute stuff really fits the theme of the site. I also like the puzzles and games! There were a couple broken image problems with the "which image is different" game, but besides that, the games were a very cute addition. I also like that Rose sat there and wrote extensive information about the senshi, even though she "can't write." When it would be so easy to steal content, she DIDN'T! Overall, some very nice work here!
Michiru I've admired Rose's page ever since it had the cutesy star BG and lots of graphics, but now it's more organized and just spells out CUTE. Her image map looks professionally done except for a few smudge marks, but that can be overlooked. Her original images make her page look great and the concept of a big free pics gallery was excellent. Rose's own personal art gallery is fun enough to look at ^^ Keep up the great work!

Sky Senshi at the Racetrack
Created by: Ruk .... Discovered by: Makoto
Overall Rating: 2.75
Makoto Ruk has created a masterpiece with this site, and for one of the most underrated characters in Sailor Moon! At this site there is endless information to look at, about every aspect of Haruka! Ruk explores her feminine charms and masculine qualities, her relationship with Michiru, and too many other facets to mention. I also think the design of this site is simple, but still nice. It's pretty fast loading, and the graphics are simple but pretty. The best part of this site in my opinion is The Journal, where Ruk writes truly beautiful material about the other senshi from Haruka's perspective. This is the stuff that cry-fests are made of! Nice work!
Michiru This is one of those pages where the front page loads up and you say whoa! Ruk's information is excellent and the graphics are very cool. All of the sections have creative ideas in them. Her backgrounds always seem to fit the sections like in the picture section, there is a little film thingy around the picture. My favorite article was: Heads and Tails: The Two Faces of Haruka. It was great! I loved the way Ruk mixed pictures and text together to make it lively. Keep up the great work!

Mamoru Guide
Created by: Mochi Cat .... Discovered by: self ^^
Overall Rating: 1.5
Makoto This site was pretty interesting. There isn't as much content as the other sites this month, but what's there is useful and accurate. The information about Mamoru was interesting, I liked how Mochi covers all the bases, Mamoru's past, present, and his identity, and even how he dies! Of course he's ressurrected again, but you get the idea. Good section for multimedia, and the pro and anti groups. I think the design here is well-done, no real problems! I also thought the "watermark" theme was a neat idea, but the graphics are a bit too light on my computer, and the text links were also too light in color. Needs some work, but a good start overall!
Michiru It's a beautiful page, not much yet.. but it has so much potential to be huge! Comparing and contrasting the clubs were great. I'm figuring the creator probably has a gray BG on their browser, because I'm using Netscape and all of the graphics are a little too light for the white and the link colors are blending with the white. Other than that, it's great!

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