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The Bad

April 1998

Sailor Ashley's Home Page
Created by: Sailor Ashley.... Discovered by: Manwe
Overall Rating: 3 Pans
Minako For once I wish we could review a page as both bad AND ugly, because this one takes the cake in both categories. It begins with this page taking a long time to load (and I'm on a T1 line at school). Not only can her text not be read on that background, but most of her images are broken, and all her links go to pictures at other sites. There isn't even the tiniest bit of information on this page, and many of her links are AOL only links. This page needs some serious work on design AND content... let's face it, this page just plain needs content!
Mars I think I MAY throw up!!! This page is TERRIBLE!! First off, the loading time is HORRIBLE, and when it finally DOES load up you get a page that looks like GARBAGE! Here's a tip: DON'T use a background that has TEXT on it!!! COME ON people! If you can actually READ the text, you'll find out that there's NO information on the page, just a bunch of LINKS! And as if the H1 tag wasn't bad ENOUGH, this kid uses it in BOLD text! If that isn't OBNOXIOUS I don't know WHAT is!!

Created by: Princess Zoicite.... Discovered by: Chibi Spazz
Overall Rating: 1.5 Pans
Minako My main problem with this page is that it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. I'll admit I'm not especially knowledgable about Sailor Saturn, but some of the facts seem to differ from other Sailor Saturn sites that I've seen. The author also seems to assume a lot of facts, such as that Saturn is the most powerful senshi, a matter often debated. The background on her image gallery page makes it hard to read. At least she gives credit for the pictures she uses. This could be a better page, if it was proofread, and all the facts straightened out.
Mars This is the WEIRDEST Saturn page I've ever seen! The info is SO screwed up!! I'm not a big authority on Saturn either, but this page at LEAST mixes NA with JP and maybe even MANGA info! Notice that they list the name as Hotaru Tomoe, not Tomoe Hotaru like it is in Japanese! And this page says Hotaru met the Scouts, when she isn't even IN the NA Dub! And I'm pretty sure that Hotaru is ONLY raised by Haruka and Michiru in MANGA! On a POSITIVE note, the design of this page isn't THAT obnoxious, and the facts aren't TOTALLY ridiculous, just BADLY MIXED, and hard to understand!

The Sixth Best Sailor Moon Site in the World
Created by: the high priestess of the pez order....
Discovered by: Jason Huhn
Overall Rating: 1.5 Pans
Minako The Sixth Best Sailor Moon Site in the World, huh? Hmmmm.... let's see here... I've been scrolling down for about five minutes now... the front page never seems to end... This site is apparently spread out across at least five free webspace accounts, so it's hard to tell what is really part of the site. Her image galleries seem pretty generic, with pictures that can frequently be found all over the web. This site is nice looking, but it really has nothing to offer except for a list of links and common pictures.
Mars Sixth Best Sailor Moon Site in the WORLD??? Try Sixth Longest INDEX PAGE in the World!!! This index page just goes on FOREVER, and SO MUCH of that junk could go on a SEPARATE PAGE, like the LINKS!! She does deserve credit for using those tiny little thumbnails on the picture galleries instead of jamming a bunch of HUGE graphics onto one page, but most of them are either TOTALLY generic or weird and distorted! This page has the SAME old stuff as any OTHER crappy page, it's just presented in a less annoying way.

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