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Mars Mars is a huge Sailor Moon fan, and has been a true fan of Rei since she first got into the series. She feels she can identify with some of Rei's qualities, and sees herself as the most emotional of the M Squad. She will speak her mind, and gives the no-nonsense truth, even if it sometimes hurts. (That's a quality she probably needs for this job!) She's a bit of a nit-picker when it comes to technical aspects, and she gets especially annoyed with badly laid-out pages that take forever to load, since she has a slow connection. She especially dislikes character hate pages, no matter what character they are aimed at. She also doesn't like those who make stupid assumptions with their facts, and is skeptical about pages that call themselves "Awesome," or "The Best," or "The Coolest," and so on.

"Don't argue with me and tell me how great you are...just PROVE it!"


An intelligent and sweet girl she is, Mercury can be merciless to terrible Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon sites. She loves Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon unlike any other anime series. She's seen Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and DiC Sailor Moon and _knows_ the difference. But what Mercury dreads the most is sites that advertise heavily, but are disappointing to two words, "Under Construction", without anything you "want to see". Mercury isn't against flaming. She feels that sites that are that terrible will deserve it. Mercury despises awful webdesign, large graphics (sadly, Mercury doesn't have T1 connection), and popular javascript . She seems to be "unpredictable" though, she changes her mind and looks at things differently a lot. She also likes sites to be more informational, entertaining and a little serious rather than a stupid homepage that has a couple of pictures.

"Onegaishimasu... if you are going to make a site on BSSM, give it "your best" and all you can... or don't make one and help those who know better from going insane!"


Mako-chan #2 feels that she is a lot like the old Mako, she loves to write just as our old Mako did! She is usually very kind about giving feedback on pages, but she can be MERCILESS if you get her mad! Lucky for us, she doesn't lose her cool very often. She loves Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, but she also watches a lot of other anime, and she spends all her free time in front of the computer because she is "totally addicted" to it. Mako-chan's main problems with web sites are long-loaders that don't make the loading time worth the wait, web authors with attitude problems, and people who can't take constructive criticism.

"If you're planning on ripping off, you're the lowest scum alive. If it's no better than the original, it belongs in the trash!"


Michiru is one of your average computer nerds who spends hours on the 'net a day. She's really into anime with her favorites being Tenchi Muyo, Fushigi Yuugi, and of course, Sailormoon. She has watched nearly all of the original Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and most of the NA dub. Unfortunately, she really doesn't like the dub version that much. What she really hates though, is a web page who can't even tell the dub and original apart! Michiru always wonders how people can bear to look at their own page with text and backgrounds that look horrible together too. The thing that annoys her the most is plagiarizing sites that don't even give credit to the creator! If you even DARE to do that, she will literally pounce on you. Luckily, Michiru hates to flame pages and thinks of her comments as constructive criticism.

"If you're not happy with your page, don't assume others are either!"


As someone who enjoys mathematics and computer science as well as writing poetry and stories, Minako feels that these two qualities, the creative and the technical, must combine to make a webpage worth looking at. An avid web designer herself, Minako insists on doing all her own HTML by hand; she wouldn't be caught dead using an editor, and believes that a webpage should be a labor of love. She is very diplomatic and tries not to flame and discourage people. Her main goal is to help newcomers to the web gain a better understanding of what makes a good website. There are three things that will really make Minako-chan cringe: grammatical/ spelling errors, hate pages, and bad HTML coding. Minako has been an obsessed Sailor Moon fan since the very first time she saw the NA dub, and admires the spirit and strength of Sailor Venus. (She's still a bit upset at how they shortchanged V-chan in NA, though!)

"One cannot make a webpage on HTML skills alone. All the HTML tricks and Javascripts and applets in the world don't matter unless you have something interesting that people want to read."


The *NEW* Mamoru isn't much like the old one it seems. Minako will be the first to tell you that this Mamo-chan has a math block and HTML coding makes him dizzy. He was trained as a graphic designer, though, and to him, it doesn't matter if the coding makes no sense, as long at the page looks good. He doesn't mind folks "borrowing" info word for word as long as they give credit and they borrow the RIGHT info. He does however think that folks who put teeny-weeny body text over full color pictures should dragged out into the street and shot. That all said, Mamo-chan doesn't flame. He's here to help, not hurt, and if you don't want constructive criticism, fine, enjoy your crappy site. Ironically, Mamo-chan doesn't even really like Sailor Moon that much. He thinks the characters are cool, the art is great, and the story had a lot of potential (he writes a lot of Sailor Fanfic), but the show itself was too cute and the manga is even worse.

"The best sites are original, well designed, and fun to go to... if you aren't those three, STOP TAKING UP SPACE!"

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