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Mizuno Ami... Sailormercury
Ami Mercury
You've been visiting M Squad for a little while. You read the reviews by me (Merc-chan ^_^;) you're thinking... who is Mercury? Are they refering to the planet? If so, why is there that logo of a girl with short blue hair? . . .
Mizuno Ami-chan
  • birthday - September 10
  • bloodtype - A
  • fear - love letters
  • dream - to be a doctor
  • color - aqua blue
  • hobbies - reading, and chess
  • favorite food - sandwich
  • least fav. food - yellow-tailed tuna
  • favorite subject - mathematics
  • least fav. subject - none
  • gemstone - sapphire

It turns out... Mercury - Bishoujo Senshi Sailormercury is a character from the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (duh, right?) Sounding pathetic, infront of you BSSM experts... Sailormercury's civilian identity is Mizuno Ami... to her friends, Ami-chan. Since we review Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon fan pages on the web, we take aliases of characters from Sailormoon. I happened to take the alias of Mercury when I joined the "M" Squad. Eventhough Mercury isn't exactly my favorite senshi, I've learned a lot about her and even started to like her since I joined the squad ^_^; If I told you who I was... (just like the AQ say) ... if I told you who I was... I'd have to kill you...
The Civilian

Mizuno Ami's parents were divorced. Her father is an artist. She lives with her mother (a doctor) in a very wealthy home. Ami-chan met Usagi (Sailormoon) at Juuban junior high. Usagi and Luna had suspicions about her, and concluded that she was sent from the evil Dark Kingdom due to the fact that she had a computer disk that seemed to hypnotize. Until later, Luna recognizes the sign of Mercury appearing on her forehead, she realizes that Ami is actually Bishoujo Senshi Sailormercury. As Ami, she looks like the image above/left. She is extremely intelligent and does beautifully in school - unlike Usagi. Her fear of love letters is shown in Ami-chan no Hatsukoi - the mini movie called Ami's first love showing when Ami-chan screams when she sees a love letter written to her ^_^

The Super-Heroine

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormercury is the most intelligent of the inner senshi, and is depended on for her way of analizing the situation and discovering a way out. Her powers and attacks aren't as strong as the other senshi, they mainly revolve around soap, water, and ice. She has the visor and pocket computer that help her. As Sailormercury, she looks like the image above/right.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailormercury
  • "Mercury Power, make up!" - Henshin transformation to Sailormercury
  • "Mercury Star Power, make up!" - Henshin transformation (R season)
  • "Mercury Crystal Power, make up!" - Henshin transformation to Super Sailormercury
  • "Shabon Spray!" - causes a giant exploding bubble of soap water to make everything foggy and difficult to see.
  • "Shabon Spray Freezing!" - Aims at the enemy... causes them to freeze into a statue of ice
  • "Mercury Aqua Illusion!" - Takes a cold drop of water forms it into a large swirl and causes the entire area to turn into ice
  • "Mercury Aqua Mirage!" - Takes a gigantic ball of water... and hurls it towards her enemy
  • "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!" - Musical... she plays the Aqua Harp and suddenly it explodes oceans of water at the enemy
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